WS-J: California Democrats Prioritize Green Policies Over Fire Prevention

WS-J: California Democrats Prioritize Green Policies Over Fire Prevention

WS-J: California Democrats Prioritize Green Policies Over Fire Prevention

The huge wildfires in California are a reckoning for the state’s Democratic lawmakers who have repeatedly chosen to please the green lobby over fire prevention, the WS-J wrote in an editorial.

Instead of being outraged at President Donald Trump for calling them out on it, California lawmakers should instead own up to their own audacity for spending 10X more on EV (electric car) subsidies than efforts to clear dead trees, the WS-J wrote.

“Governor Jerry Brown keeps lecturing Californians that they need to adapt to a new ‘climate normal,’ yet the state government has done little to prepare for warmer and drier times if that is the future,” WSJ writes. “Lawmakers instead have subordinated fire prevention to pleasing the Green lobby.

“Nearly 130-M trees in the state have died from drought, providing fuel for fast-spreading fires, and about half of the state’s 33-M acres of forestland needs restoration,” the WS=J writes.

That is just like Democrats to “exploit natural disasters … to promote their anti-fossil fuels agenda” but then attack the President for “daring to fight fire with fire by making a connection between California’s wildfires and destructive Green policies.”

California “Democrats also have spent billions on high-speed rail, but only this year did they get around to appropriating $101-M to replace a dozen or so Vietnam War-era helicopters unequipped with modern technology that enables night-flying for fire-fighting,” WS-J wrote.

“Imagine the damage that could have been averted, and lives saved if the state had replaced the antiques earlier and cleared millions of dead trees in lieu of building the train whose costs are careening toward $100-B and may never be finished.

“But instead of examining their own priorities, the state’s politicians will blame the damaging fires on climate change and President Donald Trump,” WS-J concluded.

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