The World’s Top 100 Restaurants Includes 100 in China

The World’s Top 100 Restaurants Includes 100 in China

The World’s Top 100 Restaurants Includes 100 in China

It was revealed Monday that 100 restaurants in China are qualified among the world’s Top 1000 restaurants, while 113 restaurants in France and 116 restaurants in Japan are also on the list, according to the 2nd edition of the French gastronomic classification “La Liste”, which was published Monday in Paris.

The results for China include China’s Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao, said Philippe Faure, founder of The List and responsible for the Tourism Development Agency of France.

Italy is clearly in the “best value for money” section, while Switzerland has shown an excellent performance with 40 Swiss eateries listed.

The List” also offers a selection of more than 10,000 “Best Value” establishments, located in 135 countries and regions, featuring high-quality cuisine at reasonable prices.

In addition, the exact results of The List can be found by way of the app The List, freely downloadable on iPhone in 6 languages including French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.

“La Liste” serves up an objective, transparent, international selection of eateries; it receives no public funds, to ensure its independence, and is based on the experiences of chefs themselves, who were called upon to confidentially evaluate their countries’ guides (300,000 surveyed online).

The 1st edition of La Liste was launched in December 2015, with the ambition to create a new world gastronomic reference.

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