The World’s Oldest Private Motor Car Collection

The World’s Oldest Private Motor Car Collection

The World’s Oldest Private Motor Car Collection

 The Louwman Museum, at the Hague, The Netherlands, tells us the complete history of motoring, in its halls there are endless examples of automotive art.

The Louwman Museum is home to cars like the Jaguar D-Type that the Scottish Ecurie Escosse racing team won Le Mans with in Y 1957, and the collection houses lots of champions and front-runners from that race’s history, but its wide range also housed the quaint Fiat 850 Shellette Spider.

The Museum is 1 of a very few automotive assemblages in the world that tells the complete history of motoring, from its earliest steam-and-such-powered eras to the modern racing creations and the meanest machines along that evolutionary growth extension.

There are cars from all eras housed there.

The earliest vehicle dates back to Y 1886, and is 1 of the oldest remaining in the world. The range and scope hits every corner of the world and every discipline of vehicle from fire engine to aqua-capable to Formula to sports, to the California Dune Buggy.

These technological advancements live on in our minds today, and into the future.

If you see and are interested in a particular car in the Museum, let me know, I will research it and get you the information from our extensive database.

On collection Vintage and Classic Sports and Competition Cars

Competition and sports motor cars fall into the category of historical, iconic machines, and they have helped to mold motor sports and passenger cars as we know them today.

The attraction and popularity of these cars comes not just from them being more interesting than the average classic car.

Competition cars are evocative and many of the people that invest in competition cars do so because it brings back super memories of racing and cars from a different era.

A Key attractions of classic sports and competition cars lies with the collector feeling the investment tangible, something to admire and to shows throughout the world for others to admire.

For many the investment potential of classic sports and competition cars is not always most important factor when they are looking to acquire 1, its history and prior ownership that are at the forefront of the buyers mind, as well as getting to be part of The Club.

Part of the excitement of classic sports and competition cars comes from the way in which cars appear and disappear from the market quickly.

There is an element of secrecy in the vintage and classic car world, relationships are important and often a sale will be the result of many months of research and communication with both the seller and the buyer and be under strictest private treaty terms.

Particularly iconic competition cars around the world include the Ferrari 250 GTO, and these cars are bought and sold for tens of millions of dollars.

The ROFGO Collection is a prime example of exciting competition cars that have been brought together because of the vision and passion of one collector.

The collection ranges from Y’s 1967 to 2010, and includes some of the world’s most historically significant racing cars ever produced.

All here were sponsored by Gulf Oil, 1 of motor racing’s longest-standing and loyal supporters. This assortment of cars is the equivalent to a collector compiling a collection of fine Art

An a huge positive for this sector given that some reports show classic and competition car appreciation can in the hundreds of per cents over the years.

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