World’s Oldest Man Shares Formula for a Sweet Life

World’s Oldest Man Shares Formula for a Sweet Life

World’s Oldest Man Shares Formula for a Sweet Life

The world’s oldest man at 113 anni, shared his secret formula to longevity: eating sweets, and occasionally taking a soak in a hot spring.

Born in Y 1905, Masazo Nonaka is still able to move around by himself in a wheelchair, and he has retained a quirky sense of humor.

The Guinness World Records presented him with a certificate officially commemorating his title as the world’s oldest man on Tuesday, a day before his birthday, and naturally there was cake.

“Yum,” Nonaka said through mouthfuls of sugary delight, offering a wide, toothless grin to his visitors who had gathered to celebrate with him at his home in Ashoro on the island of Hokkaido, according to the Guinness World Record.

Nonaka gained the title after the death of Francisco Nunez Olivera, who passed away in February at 113 anni. Before him, the oldest living man was Yisrael Kristal, an Auschwitz survivor who died at 113 anni, a month before his 114th birthday.

Nonaka’s sweet tooth may very well be behind Nonaka’s long, fruitful life, but his family said it is also because he has chosen to live in a way that does not bring him much stress.

In fact, the elderly man will not hesitate to speak up when he does not want something and will make it very clear to anyone around.

Nonaka was born into a large family, with six brothers and one sister, and that family only grew when he married his wife, Hatsuno, who he had five children with

He spent most of his life running a hot springs inn at Ashoro and now that he is retired, Nonaka loves to watch sumo wrestling on TV and read the newspaper.

He also loves to feed his dinner to his two cats while nobody is looking, but the elderly man has been caught out on numerous occasions by his family.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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