The World’s Most Expensive Feast Priced At $2-M

The World’s Most Expensive Feast Priced At $2-M

The World’s Most Expensive Feast Priced At $2-M

$2-M is all you need for an unforgettable night of sumptuous indulgence, or what Karan Tilani, Director of World of Diamonds Group calls “the most expensive dining experience in the world… the most lavish possible”.

The dining experience is made for just 2 in an extravagant 8-hr feasting, a feasting for eyes and senses, that is.

The journey will have the guests coasting through the air and traveling across sea and land, with a resounding finish at Singapore’s Ce’ La Vi.

The adventure includes a 45-min helicopter ride, a grand chauffeured Rolls-Royce drive and a lush private cruise and an 18-course Modern Asian meal, served at sundown at the Ce’ La Vi rooftop.


10,000 fresh roses will set the beautiful ambiance, as the diners take in the stunning 360 degrees of the city skyline, awaiting the magnificent presentation of The Jane Seymour Vivid Blue diamond ring at midnight – a stunning, 2.08-carat Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond ring made by World of Diamonds, which they will now own.

“As a Diamond mining group, we recognize that Ce’ La Vi is a Diamond in the sky,” says Mr. Tilani. “The response will be beyond overwhelming, but it is only 2 diners who will eventually have the privilege.”

The luxury menu includes, among others, Fresh Belon Oyster with champagne foam, Almas Caviar, Lamb Sweetbread, Air-Flown Alaska Wild Salmon, New Zealand Langoustine and Apple Wood Grilled Mishima Sirloi.

Topping off the feast will be some world class champagnes and bruts, including 1988 Salon ‘S’ champagne, 2008 Domaine Leflaive Chevalier-Montrachet Grand Cru, and some 44- and 55-year-old vintage wines.

Comfort is everything, as the 2 guests will select some bespoke designer furniture by The Plush, crafted however they please. Diamond-studded chopsticks engraved with their names make for a truly bespoke finish.

At the end of the nocturnal feast, a private suite awaits for some needed rest.

Note: The World of Diamonds Group, one of the world’s largest privately held Diamond corporations, unveiled “The Jane Seymour,” a rose-gold plated platinum ring set with a rare 2.08-carat cushion-cut fancy vivid blue diamond during a private dinner party honoring her at CÉ LA VI Singapore on  25 April 2016. From the mining of the diamond in Russia, to the crafting of the jewel in Geneva, all of the work was done by the international organization. Ms. Seymour, OBE wore the ring at the event and then  it became part of the World Diamond Group’s private collection.

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