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World’s Best Burgers


#1 Johnny Rockets

With thick, juicy and fresh burgers, Johnny Rockets is a must for burger lovers as they definitely do not cheap out on the ingredients or quantity. Milkshakes at Johnny Rockets are also a must try as they’re mostly ice cream! not watered/milked down.

Johnny Rockets

#2 Uniburger

With 100% fresh meat, handcrafted burgers and all natural ingredients, Uniburger has been named Montreals best burger


#3 Burger and Beyond

Burger and Beyond not only offers authentic burgers but also plant-based burgers with a meat like patty.

Burger and Beyond

#4 Mcdonalds & Burger King

Simple, easy and a favorite worldwide, we can’t forget McDonald’s as one of the world’s best burgers along with burger king.

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