The ‘World’s Most Beautiful Diamond’ Coming to Auction

The ‘World’s Most Beautiful Diamond’ Coming to Auction

The World’s Most Beautiful Diamonds Coming to Auction

An impressive flawless 163-carat diamond that has been hailed the “World’s Most Beautiful” will go under Christie’s hammer in Geneva, CH in November.

Discovered in February 2016 in eastern Angola, the 404.20-carat rough diamond named the “4 de Fevereiro” was also the largest found so far in the southern African country, Christie’s said.

The ‘world’s most beautiful diamond’ to go under Christie's hammer

Diamond necklace featuring the 163-carat flawless emerald stone, goes under Christie’s hammer in November.

A team of ten diamond-cutting specialist were involved polishing the rough diamond during the period of 11 months. The stone was then designed into a 1-of-a-kind piece by Swiss jewelry house de Grisogono.

The D-color, emerald-cut diamond is classified as a rare Type IIa one, which in technical terms means an almost complete absence of nitrogen in the stone, de Grisogono said.

The ‘world’s most beautiful diamond’ to go under Christie's hammer

The original, 404.20-carat rough diamond that was mined in eastern Angola, the 27th largest rough white diamond ever discovered.

It took over 1,700 hours to create this unique jewel and involved a team of 14 craftsmen and their know-how as well as love for perfection for each detail in the necklace.

The D-color, emerald-cut diamond can be detached from its white gold, diamond and emerald necklace.

The finished piece, named The Art of de Grisogono, allows customers to detach it from its white gold, diamond and emerald necklace, if they wish to do so.

It will be shown in London, Dubai and New York before going to auction in Geneva on 14 November.

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