World War 3: There is a Tipping Point

World War 3: There is a Tipping Point

World War 3: There is a Tipping Point

A senior US Navy official believes North Korea will attack the USA at some point in the future should they advance their technology.

According to US Pacific Command Admiral Harry Harris North Korea will attack the USA once it has the Nuclear capability to do so, a terrifying perspective on a sensitive issue. He went on to say that the USA should look at Hawaii as a strategic location for Nuclear defenses.

Speaking to a lawmaker in Congress, US Pacific Command Admiral Harry Harris told Congress he does not share some of their “confidence” that North Korea will not try to attack the United States once it is capable of doing so.

The THAAD missile defense system will be operational “in the coming days,” US Pacific Command Admiral Harry Harris told Congress. It comes amid heightened tensions between the US and North Korea.

Harris went on to state that the US can defeat any North Korean missile attack on the US carrier strike group which is currently in the region.

Harris’ announcement came just hours after the US and South Korea took part in a combined firing drill which included more than 2,000 South Korean and American troops.

Those drills came after North Korea hosted its own military drill in Wonsan, to mark the founding of the country’s army.

He said the “inflection point” will come once Pyongyang has capabilities to match the US.

The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system is designed to intercept short, medium, and intermediate-range ballistic missiles during their terminal flight phase. Equipped with long-range radar, it is believed to be capable of intercepting North Korea’s intermediate-range ballistic missiles.

Referring to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, he said that Washington is aiming to bring him to his senses, rather than “to his knees.”

Harris also said the US should study the possibility of placing missile defense capabilities in Hawaii to defend against navy photo

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