World War 3: Muslims Rise Up Against Terrorists

World War 3: Muslims Rise Up Against Terrorists

World War 3: Muslims Rise Up Against Terrorists

Qatar serves as a warning to many countries that are embracing extremism, the true Muslim world has had enough and is rising up against those that fund terrorism.

While the USA has been responsible for creating the crisis with their Politically Correct government and the failure of their regime change agenda, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have taken the first real step in ending terrorism and extremist ideology.

The west has no business interfering in this process.

Qatar is out of friends in the Arab world, only the terrorist Erdogan is their only supporter, Erdogan is itching for an Islamic war to allow him to expand his caliphate.

America and Europe should stay out of the political process in the Middle East.

The west is ignorant to the true workings of the Middle East so Qatar is taking advantage of the weakness.

Muslims are Tired of Terrorism Hijacking their Religion

Saudi Arabia said it was committed to “decisive and swift action to cut off all funding sources for terrorism” in a statement carried by the state news agency SPA, while Bahrain hailed U.S. efforts to ensure “international solidarity” on the issue.

The United Arab Emirates praised Trump’s “leadership in challenging Qatar’s troubling support for extremism” in a separate statement released on Friday.

Kuwait has led a regional effort to mediate, but the four states intensified the pressure on Friday by placing dozens of people with alleged links to Qatar on terrorism blacklists.

A senior UAE official followed on Saturday by calling Qatar “duplicitous”, alleging in a series of tweets that its funding of militants had sown chaos and violence throughout the region.

“Qatar has been riding (the) tiger of extremism & terrorism. Cost to region & world too high,” tweeted Anwar Gargash, the UAE minister of state for foreign affairs.

“Diplomacy only way forward. Process can only work following clear indication that Qatar will stop support & finance of extremism & terrorism.”

Qatar is looking for friends in the West

This week, the Qatari Foreign Minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani, visited a number of countries, expressing Doha’s stance on the rapidly developing crisis.

While in Germany, al-Thani described the situation as “collective punishment” from its former partners in the region, saying that their blockade of Doha is a “clear violation of international law and international humanitarian law.”

The isolation of Doha by such key players as Saudi Arabia and its allies present “a danger that this conflict could become a war,” Gabriel, who is also Germany’s vice-chancellor, warned.

Germany have been a destabilizing force in the Middle East encouraging extremism at home and abroad.

The Qatari foreign minister has met with his Russian counterpart in Moscow, with the severing of ties between Qatar and some of its neighbors topping the agenda. Both ministers agreed the crisis should remain an internal issue.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani said he explained what he called “an underpinning” to the recent crisis in the Arab world and Doha’s “views on the issue” to Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, in an exclusive interview with RT Arabic on Saturday.

The underlying reason for the events “must not be too deep,” as relations between Doha and other Gulf states “were very friendly even two days prior to the escalation,” the Qatari minister said.

There have been meetings, consultations and summits in late May, “with no questions related to the current controversy having been raised” there.

An information campaign to demonize Qatar has started all of a sudden,” al-Thani said, claiming that all accusations against Doha have so far been “groundless, improvised” and lacking specifics.

If there are clear claims, they would have better been discussed at the table. Before taking any measures, Qatar should have been given a chance to answer to accusations,” he said.

Mr. Lavrov also stated his opinion, with it being that the conflict should stay within the scope of the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council].

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