World War 3: Humans Vs Artificial Intelligence, Humans the Victors

World War 3: Humans Vs Artificial Intelligence, Humans the Victors

World War 3: Humans Vs Artificial Intelligence, Humans the Victors


Alibaba (NYSE:BABA) founder Jack Ma predicts that in 30 years. people will work “4 hours a day and maybe 4 days a week.”

He also warned that AI (artificial intelligence) could set off World War III, but that humans will win.

“The 1st technology revolution caused World War I,” Mr. Ma said in an interview Tuesday. “The 2nd technology revolution caused World War II. This is the 3rd technology revolution.”

The goal of AI should be making machines that do things humans cannot do, rather than making them like humans, according to Mr. Ma.

“Wisdom is from the heart,” Mr. Ma said. “The machine intelligence is by the brain […] You can always make a machine to learn the knowledge. But it is difficult for machines to have a human heart.”

Mr. Ma says the dominance of giant companies is on the decline, as more small businesses get exposure with the Internet, and the reach of social media.

Mr. Ma says more “Made in America” goods could be the perfect products to sell to China’s growing middle class.

In a meeting with then President-elect Donald Trump in January, Mr. Ma said Alibaba plans to support 1-M American jobs over the next 5 years, mostly by facilitating sales from small businesses.

“The way to figure out the job creation, one of the best ways, is to help small business to sell their local products across the board,” Mr. Ma said. “And we have to prepare now. Because the next 30 years is going to be painful.”

Notably, many Americans often do not have the skills to do the jobs that are available.

“In factories, robots have been able to lift and weld fenders onto autos for quite some time now, but machines are now moving into tasks that require far more complex thinking and subtle dexterity — for example the handling of fabrics to sew button holes and attach sleeves to shirts,” on analysts wrote.

“Large commercial bakeries, for example, are becoming “closed looped.” Soon the only humans will be those programming the machines, keeping the books and delivering the bread. And new artificial intelligence programs, driverless vehicles and robots will soon replace many of those positions,” he wrote.

“Within a few decades, machines potentially will perform surgery, learn and aggressively improve their own performance from what they see and read, and possess the emotions that drive the creative process unique to humans.”

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