Wonderfilm Announces Production Funds of $50-M to Produce Indie Films & TV Programs (Video)

Wonderfilm Announces Production Funds of $50-M to Produce Indie Films & TV Programs (Video)


Recently, Wonderfilm Media Corporation (WDRFF), an iconic producer of high-quality feature films and episodic television with international appeal today, announced an $50-M asset-backed low risk debt facility designed to escalate the pace of the Company’s revenue and increase overall production efficiency.

“The arrangement streamlines this procedure, allowing us to schedule film shoots on our terms and on our timetable. The fund provides Wonderfilm a strong strategic advantage in the market,” Wonderfilm CEO Kirk Shaw said in the announcement.

Wonderfilm, on the 3rd party raise, will have the immediate advantage of accelerated production and scheduling of production and delivery of its combined film and television slate, and the potential of rapid revenue-generation and production by cash flowing all pre-sale movie contracts, as well as finances various levels of government tax credits and tax incentives.

Now, if you have been following me in this column, you learned that the movie business as we have know it for the past 20 years is dying, but that has not stopped Archer’s plan to make films, as the paradigm is shifting in our direction over the past 3 years.

Franchise fatigue is killing the movies, as movies for 12 yr-old boys and family films are responsible for adults to no longer go to the Cineplex. And we have seen several of the mega-budget studio superhero offering come DOA.

The high prices for admission, despite pitched seats, and refreshments, parking and babysitting can cost a family of 4 to spend $100 in an afternoon.

Also, quality TV is a lure for us, with Top directors and movie stars attracted to stories film companies no longer make. 

We have spent considerable funds to reactivate purchases of new materials; screenplays, books, articles, and treatments, to address some of our more tangled social activities, and are collaborating with Key producers and distribution experts, 4 Walling is not out of the question anymore.

Archer’s plan for film & TV financing, production and distribution have lines of private investments that are being financed by high net-worth alternative investors and private equity funds. 

The world has changed, and our focus now are ills that are caused legitimately, or illegitimately, by us.

Historically Indie producers have lead the way when it is time for the changes audiences demand, we are on that new ‘wave’.

Our goal is to address these societal ills by telling their stories – entertainingly, in satire, even comedy, because you cannot influence pubic behavior by preaching and proselytizing. Many politicians try to do that but unsuccessfully.

Kirk Shaw’s Wonderfilm’s Key business is the production of high-quality feature films & episodic television.

Historically, Kirk, who we know and admire, and The Wonderfilm team have packaged, produced and delivered hundreds of profitable films with proven direct access to Academy Award Quality films and other award winning works.

For more information, visit the their website at www.Wonderfilm.com.

We are a vertically integrated global entertainment and media company engaged in the production, delivery, distribution and exhibition of digital content through various platforms including Internet, IPTV, Satellite to PC TV, Video-on-Demand (VOD) and Pay-Per-View (PPV). And have created a digital infrastructure leveraging existing Internet assets and resources providing a secure, complete, end-to-end digital solution exclusively focusing its interests in China, Southeast Asia and the North American markets.

On a huge scale, Disney, Sony, Comcast, Lionsgate and others are launching streaming services for the digital future. The time to re-invigorate Archer Entertainment is happening.

HeffX-LTN’s overall technical analysis for WDRFF is Neutral to Very Bullish in here.

HeffX-LTN’s overall technical analysis of AEMC is Neutral to Bullish with Key indicators flashing Bullish to Very Bullish in here.

“…all good things,” Michael Selsman, CEO, Archer Entertainment Media Communications, Inc.

Stay tuned…

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