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The LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) announced yesterday that Dormie Network, a national network of private destination golf clubs, has been named an official marketing partner. As part of the partnership, Dormie Network will support the LPGA Tour season through sponsorships and hospitality initiatives. The partnership also presents opportunities for the national network and the LPGA to collaborate on grow-the-game initiatives that support Girls Golf, the LPGA Women’s Network, the LPGA’s Amateur Golf Association, and the LPGA’s Teaching & Coaching Professionals.

As an LPGA marketing partner, Dormie Network will promote inclusion and advancement for girls and women both on and off the course through its involvement in various partner events and LPGA Tour event activities. This includes contributions to the LPGA’s various online communities and social platforms (namely LPGA.com and the LPGA Women’s Network) and the support of a number of the LPGA’s outreach efforts through donation programs, corporate membership partnerships, and sponsor support of Girls Golf.

“We are excited to welcome Dormie Network to the LPGA family,” said the LPGA’s Chief Sales Officer Kelly Hyne. “Their first-class facilities, level of customer service and overall commitment to the game of golf for ALL players is exceptional. We look forward to telling their story and helping grow their network.”

The LPGA and Dormie Network will also work together to improve the accessibility of its current and future facilities. With acquisitions on the horizon and substantial renovations planned for its facilities network-wide, Dormie Network will collaborate with the LPGA to design spaces that meet and exceed the expectations of female members and guests. Its facilities will also serve as future event venues for the LPGA’s Amateur Golf Association and the LPGA’s Teaching & Coaching Professionals.

“At its core, golf is much more than a sport,” said Dormie Network President Zach Peed. “It establishes leadership, community, stewardship, discipline, peer support, inclusion, and character—values that the LPGA is working every day to advance. We are humbled and honored to have the opportunity to work with such a talented team to improve our facilities, to support girls and women, to grow the game, and to make an impact.”

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