Women in President Trump’s White House are Seen and Heard

Women in President Trump’s White House are Seen and Heard

Women in President Trump’s White House are Seen and Heard

White House senior advisor Kellyanne Conway said being a  woman has been an asset in working for President Donald Trump

“I could tell you a great way that my gender has helped me with the President,” Ms. Conway said. “I think there’s a femininity that is attached to the way one carries herself or the way one executes on her duties.”

Ms. Conway’s views on the modern-day notion of feminism, put her in the category of “post-feminist, anti-feminist, a non-feminist, definitely” because she said the current definition is “anti-male” according to a recent article.

And, as for working with a staff dominated by men, she said it put the women in a certain standing, saying, “We’re heard and we’re seen and we’re listened to and we are sought out and sought after for our opinions and our judgment and our ideas and our insight.”

However, the close working relationship she has with the President does not translate to a 1st-name basis with America’s Chief Executive.

“I don’t consider him my peer, he is my boss and he is my elder … so I do not address him by his 1st name,” Ms. Conway said. “That has actually allowed me, in my view, to respectfully but forcefully express my opinion on certain matters.”

“I am actually unafraid to express my mind, but I do it very respectfully. Very respectfully and very deferentially,” she added, “Mr. President, Sir.

Best wishes for a happy Memorial Day.

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