“Women are Thriving in Trump Economy”

“Women are Thriving in Trump Economy”

Rejecting the notion President Trump might struggle with the women’s vote in Y 2020, 1st daughter and senior adviser Ivanka Trump pointed to the administration’s gainers for women in the past 3 years.

Domestically, women are thriving like never before,” Ms. Trump said on TV.

Women are thriving in The Trump Economy and our track record, and the record of success, backs that up,” she concluded.

She cited data that 72% of new jobs secured in Y 2019 went to women and women’s unemployment rates have hit a 75-yr low.

Women, for only the second time in history, comprise more of the U.S. workforce than men,” she said.

Ms. Trump pointed to a number of the initiatives she has taken the lead on in the administration, including childcare and paid family leave.

We backed policies that not only create the growth that enable that type of economic opportunity, but also recognize the complexity of being a woman by supporting high-quality childcare for parents who are working and can’t afford it,” she added.

That is an undeniable work-related expense, and our budget – and not only our budget – we got it passed through Congress the largest ever expansion of the childcare and development block grants, which is money that we sent to the states to help offset the cost of childcare.”

Also, she tweeted a call out to her global women’s initiative 1 yr anni, called Women’s Global Development and Prosperity (W-GDP):

The biggest threat to extremism is empowered women. Learn about W-GDP’s accomplishments in its first year uplifting 12 Million women globally. The Best is Yet to Come!

Making and Keeping America Great!

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