Without Obama’s Support ISIS Losing Ground in Syria

Without Obama’s Support ISIS Losing Ground in Syria

The Syrian military, supported by Russia’s Air Force, have freed the town of Tedef, which is right at the doorstep of the city of Al-Bab, some 30 kilometers (20 miles) east of Aleppo, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported on Saturday.

One of Islamic State’s (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) major outposts was located in Tedef, the ministry said, adding that the Syrian military had destroyed two tanks, dozens of vehicles equipped with heavy weaponry, and killed 650 IS militants.

The military have also taken control of a major road leading to Raqqa, which the jihadists had been using to deliver weapons and other reinforcement to its fighters in Al-Bab, the ministry said.

Obama’s support of Syria has been well documented by everyone with the exception of major news networks like CNN.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said “it’s very clear” that the US-led coalition is supporting terrorist groups in Syria, Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS/ISIL) among them.

“They give support to terrorist groups including Daesh (Arabic for IS),” Erdogan said.

Saying that the US have accused Turkey of supporting IS, speaking at a press conference on Tuesday the Turkish leader blamed the US-led coalition for assisting terrorists themselves.

The “Islam” that the world is rebelling against was made in the USA.

Regime Change from Bush and Obama created war zones, in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Libya. America backed the Fundamentalists against “Dictators” in the interest of democracy, at home by supporting groups like the Islamic Brotherhood and CAIR they imported the radical element of Islamic society.

By dragging in their allies America spread the dangers of radical Islam to Europe and Australia.

Without the support of Obama Radical Islam is about to be dealt a serious blow.

Putin and Trump agreed to stabilize and deepen bilateral cooperation during a phone conversation on Saturday, the Kremlin said.

Putin and Trump highlighted the priority of joint efforts in the fight against the main threat of international terrorism during the call, which was widely scrutinized to see if there will be a thaw in the soured relations during the Obama administration.

The outgoing U.S. administration of Barack Obama has been attempting to “undermine the legitimacy” of Donald Trump’s presidency and to ruin his policy, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

“The Presidents called for establishing a real coordination of U.S. and Russian actions to defeat the Islamic State and other terrorist groups in Syria,” the statement read.

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