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Winning the Pro-Trump Argument with Family and Friends

Family holidays. Full of love. Full of laughter. And full of the inevitable conversations with the family liberal who just does not want to believe how great America is doing with President Trump in office.

Thanks to President Donald Trump, the American energy revolution is now underway.

America is now the world’s largest oil producer and in 2017 the United States became a net natural gas exporter for the first time in 60 years!

Crude oil exports nearly doubled in 2018, reaching a record average of 2 million barrels a day.

Coal exports reached their highest level in five years in 2018.

By unlocking America’s energy potential, President Trump has produced affordable, reliable, and plentiful energy for all Americans.

Compare that record to what 2020 Democrats continue to champion – the radical $93 trillion Green New Deal.

Yes, you heard that right – it’s estimated to cost a whopping $93 TRILLION.

Ask your family member what a $93 trillion Green New Deal might mean for their heating bills in the winter or commuting costs?

If we taxed every family making $30,000 or above at 100%, it would take 10 years to pay off the $93 trillion cost.

Or how it could push American jobs overseas to countries that have lax environmental standards.

Remind them that Democrats would have us change every facet of Americans’ lives from what we eat, to how we travel, and the potential loss of the 10 million jobs supported by energy in the United States.

Not to mention, their plan would spike families’ energy bills. One study found the Democrats’ radical agenda could increase the average American household’s utility bill by up to $3,900 a year!

While the Democrats’ plan would kill countless jobs across the country and cause energy prices to skyrocket, remind your relative that President Trump continues to champion American energy, American independence, and American greatness.

Making and Keeping America Great!

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