Will Australia Forgive Barnaby Joyce

Will Australia Forgive Barnaby Joyce

Will Australia Forgive Barnaby Joyce

Barnaby Joyce is doing the “poor me” circuit as he attempts to build a base for a return to the top levels of Australian Politics.

Joyce was a rising political star having captured the leadership of his party and the second top job in the country, but then it took a turn for the worst, he was married and having an affair with a staffer, a questionable interaction with the bum of a party-goer and a dodgy land deal brought it all to a bitter end, but that’s not the end of Barnaby Joyce. On Monday, 26 February 2018, Barnaby stepped down from his ministerial positions in Cabinet to remain as Federal Member for New England.

Barnaby Joyce, apart from his indiscretions, was actually a politician that, from his National Party base attracted support from a wide demographic in Australia, he was just what the National Party needed, as long as he could keep his pants on.

But with farmers and Australia’s rural community making headlines it is perfect timing for Joyce to hit the comeback trail, and he has done so with a sorry tale of woe and despair.

“When you stop thinking about how sad it will be when you have gone, to thinking, I have hurt so many that I want to go without anybody knowing,” he says in his upcoming book, excerpts of which were published in Fairfax Media on Tuesday.

In between appearances and interviews to win back the very left wing yet morally superior media, Joyce has been instrumental in helping farmers during a very difficult time, a crisis that is set to touch every Australian home.

The Nationals have naturally taken the lead in developing programs to help farmers through one of the worst droughts the country has seen, this is a chance for Barnaby Joyce to shine.

Barnaby Joyce, said the $190 million package of immediate relief announced on Sunday, including support for mental health services, was the result of concerted efforts to push for more assistance for farmers across the New England electorate.

“I’ve been standing up in my joint party room, I’ve been bringing it to the attention throughout Government, fighting for those on the land doing it tough and driving this agenda on drought,” Mr Joyce said.

“We’re not backing down on our commitment to drought-hit farmers in the New England, we’re in this for the long haul and we will stick by our farmers every step of the way.

“I want to make sure farming families and communities get all the support they need to get through the drought, recover and get back on their feet.
“These extra FHA payments will help get cash in the door so families can pay their bills and get their kids to school. This will flow through to small businesses across the New England.”

For now expect more apologies and depression stories from Barnaby Joyce, and given the media coverage of his new book and his tales of sadness you may well see him re-emerge as a major force in Australian Politics.

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