Wildfires Rage, Waze app Sends Some Drivers to SoCal Infernos

Wildfires Rage, Waze app Sends Some Drivers to SoCal Infernos

Wildfires Rage, Waze app Sends Some Drivers to SoCal Infernos


Google’s navigation app, Waze, is directing some drivers right into neighborhoods where wildfires in Southern California have forced road closures and evacuations

Roads closed as a result of the wind-whipped fires have no traffic on them, apparently making them attractive to Waze’s algorithms, the outlet reported. Waze says it has been working to correct the issue.

A spokeswoman told the outlet the app has been in contact with local authorities to correctly label which roads are off limits within several hours of their closure.

“We worked really hard Wednesday afternoon to get our maps up to date and accurate,” Waze spokeswoman told reporters.

Users did not hold back on their criticism, and Tweeted out warnings to other drivers.

I don’t trust Waze. It just told me I could save 8 minutes by driving right thru a wild fire off the 405 Freeway.

Google maps, waze, and apple maps all seem to think I can take the 405 to work and drive right through the fire without any problems. That’s a problem.

  • Santa Ana Winds expected to last through this coming weekend in So Cal

SoCal wildfires fanned by unprecedented December Santa Ana winds was running unchecked across the North San Diego County Thursday, burning through neighborhoods and prompting thousands to flee as the flames spread dangerously fast toward the more populated coast.

By 8:00p, the Lilac fire had grown to 4,100 acres and had Zero containment, adding to the conflagration of wildfires wreaking havoc across Southern California this week.

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Stay tuned…

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