Wildfire North of Big Sur California Rages

Wildfire North of Big Sur California Rages

Wildfire North of Big Sur California Rages

A wildfire north of Big Sur grew to more than 104 square miles Tuesday as more than 5,000 firefighters surrounded 50% of the fire with the help of air tankers and helicopters.

This wildfire is now in its 3rd week.

While some residents in the Big Sur area have been allow to return to their homes, 5 state parks along US Highway 1 between Los Angeles and San Francisco is still closed.

The Soberanes fire has killed one person and injured three and continues to threaten more than 400 homes, according to officials. And some mandatory evacuation orders remain in place for the area.

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection stated on its website Wednesday that the Soberanes blaze, which was started by an illegal campfire, has destroyed 57 homes and 11 “outbuildings,” while 3 other structures have been damaged.

“We had a large firing out operation on the south and east side of the fire, and that was all back burns,” said Hugo Patino, a spokesman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. “We also did have a large area towards the southwest that grew under its own progression. That was a significant piece of property that contributed to the growth of the fire.”

Also, a wildfire in the San Bernardino County mountains grew to more than 7,700 acres Tuesday, putting thousands of homes in danger. That fire, which was 6% contained, forced schools to close.

Residents living in 5,000 homes are under either voluntary or mandatory evacuation orders, Bob Poole, a spokesman for the state’s forest agency, told the Times. The blaze has spread quickly since it was 1st reported Sunday.

Remember, when traveling in fire danger zones take extreme care, lives and property depend on it.

Stay tuned…

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