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Wild Boar Infestation the Reason Hunters Use AR-15 Assault Rifles


Countries around the world are being infested by wild boars – some carrying swine flu and some radioactive.

The wild boar problem has been progressing for decades,” Spanish scientist and Enetwild coordinator Joaquín Vicente Baños said. “It’s just that now we are seeing the consequences.”

Damage from wild boars in the US is believed to be more than $1-B, according to the report.

The boars are exploding across the world, including Germany and Japan, where some are contaminated by nuclear radiation. Between Germany and Denmark a 42-mile wall was built to contain the spread of their swing flu, according to reports.

Earlier this year, thousands protested a Polish government plan to hold a massive slaughter of wild boars as a way to stop the spread of the deadly African swine fever among farm pigs.

Conflicts between humans and wild boar will increase,” Mr. Baños told reporters.

Boars are “resilient in the face of helicopter assaults, threats of mass poisoning and elaborate traps,” according to published reports.

The boars are being used as a viral talking point online, as a justification for AR-15 style semi-automatic weapons in American.

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