WikiLeaks: Clinton Foundation and Billy Got Paid

WikiLeaks: Clinton Foundation and Billy Got Paid

WikiLeaks: Clinton Foundation and Billy Got Paid


WikiLeaks released an internal Clinton memo Wednesday reveals how a longtime Clinton confidant played an “unorthodox” dual rolem raising money for the Clinton Foundation and finding paid work for former US President Bill Clinton.

The 12-page document written in 2011 by Doug Band of Teneo, a private consulting firm that raised millions for the foundation and also scouted out paid gigs for what was dubbed “Bill Clinton, Inc.”.

In one instance, Mr. Band secured a $540,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation from banking Swiss giant UBS. He later arranged for Bill Clinton to give 3 paid speeches to the firm for a total of $900,000.

But in his memo, Mr. Band argues his double duties were “independent” of one another; the memo was written after Chelsea Clinton criticized his role within the family’s network of interests.

“In the unique roles in which we have had the opportunity to serve, we have been able to help balance the multiplicity of activities that demand [Bill Clinton’s] time and engagement to best fulfill his personal, political, business, official former President, and Foundation/non-profit goals,” Mr. Band wrote.

Teneo’s overlapping activities worried some in the Clintons’ inner circle, and in one email published by WikiLeaks, Chelsea Clinton raised “serious concerns” with Teneo’s liberal use of the Clinton name to court clients.

Mr. Band lashed out, calling the former 1st Daughter a meddlesome “spoiled brat” in one hacked e-Mail released by WikiLeaks.

“We appreciate the unorthodox nature of our roles, and the goal of seeking ways to ensure we are implementing best practices to protect the [tax exempt] status of the Foundation,” Mr. Band wrote in his memo to justify his role and bat back criticism, The Hill reports.

Mr. Band co-founded Teneo with former State Department employee Declan Kelly while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State – and paid Bill Clinton as an adviser through Y 2012.

Mr. Band’s memo lists several Teneo clients that he and Kelly “leveraged” into major donors for the foundation, and also details the personal introductions the two principals made between the Clintons and the prospective donors.

One that Mr. Kelly “cultivated” was Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) CEO Muhtar Kent, which led to 7-figure donations beginning in Y 2009.

In a previous published e-Mail to Hillary Clinton Campaign chairman John Podesta, Mr. Band worried the press might catch wind of his role and misconstrue it.

“I’m starting to worry that if this story gets out, we are screwed,” he wrote.

“Kelly and I built a business. Our business has almost nothing to do with the Clintons, the Foundation or the Clinton Global Initiative in any way. The Chairman of UBS could care less about CGI.”

A week after Band sent his memo, Hillary Clinton’s lawyer Cheryl Mills sent a document to Messrs Podesta and Band laying out ways to unwind the former President’s charitable and business interests, all of which distanced Mr. Band from the foundation.

In December 2011, the former President resigned his position on Teneo’s advisory board.

Stay tuned for more double dealing and corruption within the “Clinton Family” to unfold.

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