Wifi Wireless on Coast to Coast AM

Wifi Wireless on Coast to Coast AM

David Adair, longtime friend of Wifi Wireless, announces he will publicly promote WFWL on George Noory’s radio broadcast

August 4 2016: The late night radio broadcast, Coast to Coast AM, hosted by George Noory, has a nationwide following numbering in the millions. One of the most widely followed among the frequent guests is David Adair, who is well known for his exposé of Area 51 based on his direct, personal experience. In a pre-interview release, David has announced he will be promoting Wifi Wireless, Inc., both as an alternative to big telecom and as an investment in the securities market.

What is less known about David Adair is his long time association with Wifi Wireless, Inc. David’s involvement with rocketry at an early age put him in contact with those implementing satellite communications and global telecommunication systems. Wifi Wireless founder and Chairman, Eugene Curcio, has been a pioneer in this field for many years, so it is natural these two visionaries should cross paths.

On the evening of Thursday, August 4 2016 David is scheduled to be interviewed by George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM, on several topics, one of which is WFWL. Eugene Curcio explained, “in the past, the Wifi Wireless investment community has largely been limited to a small group of investors depending on word-of-mouth sharing of information. For the first time, David’s interview will bring the investment opportunity to a far wider audience numbering well into the millions. ”

Chief Operating Officer, Peter Haney added, ” WFWL has been a closely guarded secret for many years, but the secret is about to go viral. Our Company highly values all stakeholders: employees, business partners, customers, and investors, and we want to roll out the red carpet and do everything we can to make new investors feel welcome. We promise to give the investment community the information it needs to feel confident about our bright future. It’s not going to happen all at once but there are many business opportunities in the pipeline which is expected to richly reward investors who get in early and give it enough time to reflect the significant growth we see coming.”

About Wifi Wireless, Inc.

Wifi Wireless, Inc. (WFWL) is a solutions provider in the wireless communications industry. The Company recently announced development of its WiFi Mobile Phone System known as “Powered by WiFi Wireless, Inc.” for all white label service offerings. The company’s global mobile phone promises a third quarter 2016 launch with unlimited voice, text, data and other virtual soft phone services for I-Phone and Android, known as U-Talk. The Company also has a division known as “WiFi My City” engaged in the development of municipal WiFi for cities in the United States, which is designed to support local business, law enforcement, fire, emergency response, education, ports, and railways. The “WiFi My City” plan also provides low cost essential services to underserved communities. www.wifiwirelessinc.net

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