Why World is Crazy About Real Madrid Matches

Why World is Crazy About Real Madrid Matches

Real Madrid is a professional football team, in Madrid, Spain. This is one of the most popular football clubs in the world with a large fan base. Real Madrid has won many accreditations to its name. Founded in 1902 as a Madrid football club, it was given an added name “Real” (“royal”) by King Alfonso XIII in 1920. Since then, on the emblem of the club you can see the crown. The members of the club have continued to play with excellence since its inception and have become a team that is loved by millions today.

Growing popularity and fan base made the club the highest earning team in 2016-2017. The annual revenue reached €674 million. Real Madrid is one of the founding members of La Liga along with Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao (1926). Being an excellent team, Real Madrid has managed to give a tough competition to other football clubs. Real Madrid has also won a lot of titles and championships. The club holds the record of 13 European Cups UEFA Champions League and 4 EUFA Super Cups.

There has always been stardom associated with Real Madrid CF as the players and their performance has always been sensational. The craze amongst the fan leads to the fact that Real Madrid match tickets run out faster than others. There are also memberships, fan clubs, replication of white jerseys, and a lot of crazy activities done by the fans to represent their love to the Real Madrid football club. Here are some reasons why Los Blancos’ matches are so popular among the fans.

The grandeur of Real Madrid

Real Madrid happens to be one of the most grandeur teams. The most talented football players wish to be a part of this team because of its fame and iconic appearance. The club is represented by Santiago Bernabeu stadium which is a perfect place for playing football and hold the competitions in front of the national and international audience. Real Madrid players enjoy royal hospitality because the team itself is a royal club. There is this certain aura of superiority associated with the club, its white jersey, and the royal emblem. This is what makes the club one of the greatest football teams present today.

Any player who joins the team is turned into a superstar. Known for its expertise, performance, and talented players, Real Madrid can offer a real treat to the audience.

Always on top

One of the reasons for the fans’ obsession with Real Madrid is that’s what the players behave like winners and always able to stay on top. The team made a splash with their number of victories. It has come back every time to prove the talent of the players and took home an array of trophies. Real Madrid set the records that are difficult to break for any other team currently. Winning UEFA Champions League 13 times (with five of them in a row) have made them a dream team. Although their rivals like Barcelona have managed to steal the show sometimes during the 1990s, the team has given them a tough play at those matches too. Putting their name on the European Cups and winning UEFA championships, the team has always stayed on top. That’s why Real Madrid game tickets are always sold out instantly.

The best players in the world

Real Madrid home stadium Santiago Bernabeu has seen some of the legendary matches of all times. This is because the best of players have found their place on the team and have enjoyed the perks of being the members of the royal club. As the team is a grand one, the club has the right not just to handle one but many powerful football players. As a result, the team has hosted many great players time and again. That’s what makes it the strongest team able to win the tough matches. The players have also managed to bring fortune to the team in the form of revenue. The jerseys worn by the top players of the team like Cristiano Ronaldo and James Rodriguez have let the team earn a whopping 100 million pounds. The team is associated with talented players, good performance, and revenue.

The arch rivalry

Two of the most powerful teams from Spain – the Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are known for their great performance in the football arena. However, they happen to be rivals competing against each other again and again. Their rivalry happens to shape their performance while putting up a sensational show for the audience. Moreover, both teams are known for educating some of the greatest players in their academy.

Richest team

Real Madrid CF is the richest team in the world in terms of revenue, players, and fan’s love. This leads the team to get more sponsorships, promotions, business deals, and revenue from match tickets. Real Madrid never sees an empty seat in the stadium. The tickets for their matches are sold like hot cakes and it seems like they bring more profit than any other tickets in the world. The promotion and influence lead to the building of a large community. Fans are ready to give a lot for the opportunity to watch the matches live! Now you have this opportunity too. With the www.seats4sure.com website, you can get the tickets to the UEFA Champions League matches for you and your family. Actually, through this platform, you can get the tickets to the matches all over the world. All you need to do is to find the game you are interested in and choose the seats. Whether the match is held in England or in Argentina, the tickets will be yours in a couple of clicks.

Real Madrid match tickets run out of sale in a couple of hours. The fans are always crazy to buy the Real Madrid football tickets and watch the grandest team perform. It is a visual treat for the player’s fans as the team holds the maximum number of top players. The power of the team grows with the time, and today Real Madrid is one of the most celebrated football team in the world!

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