Why We Started Archer Entertainment Media Company Again

Why We Started Archer Entertainment Media Company Again


A decade ago, a group of us were engaged in manufacturing filmed entertainment under the title of Archer Entertainment Media Communications.

It was a publicly traded Company – its trading symbol AEMC. It still is.

There were more important subjects then to occupy us – politics, regional conflicts, questions about inoculations, and a subject that came before us, boys without dads.

We did not do much about it – until now.

I called together our 1st group – some people have moved on into lucrative pastimes, others were unavailable. But our core was intact. We have spent considerable funds to reactivate purchases of new materials – screenplays, book, articles, and treatments, to address some of our more tangled social activities.

What we have learned is that the world has changed, and our now focus are ills that are caused legitimately, or illegitimately, by us.

What we intend to do now is address these societal ills by telling their stories – entertainingly, in satire, even comedy, because you cannot influence pubic behavior by preaching. Our politicians do that, mostly unsuccessfully.

We have decided once again on producing entertainment, only this time taking into account digital short films for Smartphones even as we make films for theaters and television. Where possible, we are producing series – TV and movies, subjects that cannot be told in one episode.

Among our plans, we aim to tell the subject of Boys absent Dads, and the societal problems that arise from that into adulthood. We are in late stage negotiations to acquire a TV pilot script by an award wining writer.

Some of our ideas are, as follows (we already own the properties):

A scientist who stumbles onto the genetic cause of violence, and does something about it.

Another, is to explore young love, a G-rated movie about how to treat one another when immature – a most important highlight.

Another is a comedy about why people, who should know better, get divorced, and how they survive.

The time to re-invigorate Archer Entertainment is here.

Michael Selsman

President, Archer Entertainment Media Corporation

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