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Why Plan B Costs So Much Over-The-Counter

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Depending on where you live, there are a few different reasons that the costs are way above production costs. From religious and political reasons to moral reasons. But in the end, none of these reasons outweigh the right women have to use birth control. Whether it be a planned birth control or Plan B.

On the moral side, the views some people have on the emergency contraception is that it is like an abortion pill. When in fact, the emergency contraception works the same way as normal birth control does, by delaying ovulation. Sperm is sitting inside the Fallopian tube waiting for the egg that isn’t going to be released thanks to birth control. That is not an abortion. There’s no baby and there is no fertilized egg.

So why don’t stores sell it for cheap?

Well, Boots stated in 2017 “We would not want to be accused of incentivising inappropriate use, and provoking complaints, by significantly reducing the price of this product,” says Mark Donovan, chief pharmacist of Boots.

That means boots was more concerned with facing criticism from the small amount of people protesting women’s body rights than the freedom women should have making their own decisions with their birth control. Being the biggest pharmacy across the UK, boots not lowering their prices until a year later really alienated the lower class women as they could not afford the drug and took the risk to then fall pregnant.

A year later boots relented and lowered their prices across the stores from £26.75 to £15.99. This price is still high though considering the drug is available in Thailand for £3 and online for £3.

The fight for women’s rights to be taken more seriously is still an ongoing cause. Over time, the choice for women to do with their body what they wish will be achieved and looked back on as one of the many mistakes government policies took a long time to realise and get through.

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