What You Missed in the Death of George Floyd While You Were Busy Being Racist

What You Missed in the Death of George Floyd While You Were Busy Being Racist

George Floyd died and the racist calls rang out, some black Americans looted stores, Media cried racism, black groups blamed white people, some whites blamed blacks and the whole argument shot off on a tangent, some blamed Trump, just what the government likes.

Why does the Government like it? because it stops people seeing the truth.

An innocent American Citizen, George Floyd, was killed by a American Policeman while 3 other American Police Officers and an unknown number of American Citizens watched. The act described is terrifying.

If you think about the act described, black, white or purple it raises some big questions, what is wrong with American Society? Who is Policing the Police? Am I Safe???? The US Government does not want to deal with these questions, its easier to say racism and just move along.

We have learned nothing from

Rodney King

Dexter Betts

Mohamed Noor

Amber Guyger

Policing in America is now just a game, if you are Black, you lose, if you are poor, you lose, if you are anyone in the wrong place at the wrong time, you lose.

Even General Flynn an establishment lily white man lost to corrupt Policing, Eric Garner, a black man, was murdered in New York and no charges were laid, it is a never ending cycle and IT MUST STOP.

Number of people shot to death by the police in the United States from 2017 to 2020, by race

But it is not isolated to headline grabbing cases, many Americans, on a daily basis suffer under a brutal regimes, the various Cities and Towns all have their own version of a Police Force and many are heavy handed thugs who believe the badge gives them an power way beyond the laws laid out in the founding of America.

Millions, that’s right, MILLIONS of American are also held in some of the most abysmally managed Prisons on the Planet being treated with the same indignation that the Police deal with the Citizens.

These people were put in jail by the same corrupt Police Departments that:

Beat Rodney King

Murdered Eric Garner and George Floyd

Shot and killed 1,099 people in 2019

But when they get to court their word is golden, in the United States federal court system, the conviction rate rose from approximately 75 percent to approximately 85% between 1972 and 1992. For 2012, the US Department of Justice reported a 93% conviction rate. In 2000, the conviction rate was also high in U.S. state courts.

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