What Were 2018’s Top Endangered Animals?

What Were 2018’s Top Endangered Animals?

Northern Right Whale

Main causes for endangerment: Hunting, ship strikes and entanglement with fishing gear.
Remaining: 400

The Vaquita

Main causes for endangerment: Bycatch.
Remaining: 12-15

Amur Leopard

Main causes for endangerment: Poaching, poaching of prey species, habitat loss and deforestation or exploitation of forests.
Remaining: 70

Javan Rhinoceros

Main causes for endangerment: Low genetic diversity, natural disasters (tsunami and volcanos), disease, habitat destruction.
Remaining: 58-68

Northern Sportive Lemur

Main causes for endangerment: Deforestation, hunted as food.
Remaining: 50

Western Lowland Gorilla

Main causes for endangerment: Deforestation, hunted as food.
Remaining: Unkown (100,000 – 400-000)

The Saola—An Asian Unicorn

Main causes for endangerment: Hunting
Remaining: 750

Leatherback Sea Turtle

Main causes for endangerment: Entanglement in fishing gear, poaching and illegal trade of eggs, meat, and shells.
Remaining: Approx. 30,000 Nesting Females

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