What is Wrong with Politics in Australia?

What is Wrong with Politics in Australia?

Australian Politics at some point took a bizarre turn, no longer are matters relevant to the majority of Australians a front line issue.

The key issues in Australia seem to be Refugees, Foreign Aid and any minority that can capture the left wing media’s attention.

There have been major disasters in Australia, floods, droughts, the average working Australian is having trouble just surviving as the cost of living soar.

Foreign ownership of rural and residential real estate continues to spiral as the average Australian can not possibly compete against the individuals and corporations from Overseas that are not carrying the weight of the Australia’s misguided economic model.

Taxes are horrendous, the high minimum wage is a disaster and the Debt to GDP ratio is growing at a terrifying rate, but to the politicians none of those things seem to matter.

What is important to the is Refugees, Political Correctness and handing out money to foreign Countries, how does Australia continue to elect these people and why does the media make these stories headline news? At what point did the Australian Government stop serving the Australian Taxpayer?

The case of Air Conditioning the Schools for Australian kids highlights how much the Government just does not care about Australians.

A very large part of Australia seen temperatures hit the mid 40s for extended periods in Summer, but appeals by parents to the Authorities fell on deaf ears.

The cost according to the Government made the project prohibitive.

That would not be an unreasonable excuse, until you look at what the Government and Australian Taxpayers do pay.

Overview of Australia’s aid program to Indonesia
2017-18 Total Australian ODA Estimated Outcome
$359.0 million
2018-19 Bilateral Budget Estimate
$266.4 million
2018-19 Total Australian ODA Estimate
$316.2 million

Overview of Australia’s assistance for agriculture and food security
How we are helping
2018-19 Budget Estimate:
$247.7 million

This is Aid for farmers, farmers OUTSIDE OF AUSTRALIA

While the Australian Government can not afford to look after the Nation’s Children and the Farmers it should not be allowed to support other Nations.

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