WH Very Close on Healthcare Reform and Will “Get it Done”

WH Very Close on Healthcare Reform and Will “Get it Done”

WH Very Close on Healthcare Reform and Will “Get it Done”

Monday, Vice President Mike Pence on said “we’re very close” to Senate Republicans putting forth legislation to repeal and replace Barack Obamacare , aka ACA.

VP Pence said in an interview, “I promise you, the president and I have not stopped working day in and day out” with Senate Republicans on getting healthcare done.

“The Senate now is literally within weeks of being able to deliver on that promise to the American people,” VP Pence said. “The legislation before the Senate, of which there is not yet agreement, but we are close.”

VP Pence said that President Donald Trump and the entire Administration are prodding Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Senate leadership to get it done.

President Trump on Monday Tweeted that he “cannot imagine Congress would dare leave Washington” without completing healthcare.

“That message is being delivered by the president of the United States, all of us in the administration, but there is no voice more compelling in Washington DS than the voice of the American people,” VP Pence said.

“This week is critical. If you want to see Congress repeal and replace Obamacare, now is the time to let your voice be heard.”

“We’re very close, we can get it done and I believe with all my heart we will get it done.”

Stay tuned…

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