West Wing Obama Holdovers Tried to Hobble President Trump

West Wing Obama Holdovers Tried to Hobble President Trump

West Wing Obama Holdovers Tried to Hobble President Trump

Reports: West Wing Dems Blocking Trump from Reading Breitbart News

The West Wing Democrats held over from The Hussein Obama Admin reportedly do not want US President Donald Trump reading articles from Breitbart News, according to reports last week on new Chief of Staff John Kelly’s efforts to control the White House’s news and paper flow.

General John Kelly (USMC) is there to keep order, direct traffic, and know the enemies 1st names and intents, thus giving President Trump the hands to govern and Make America Great Again.

Politics reporter Jonathan Swan suggests that West Wing Democrats and globalists, whose allies have not able to handle Breitbart News’ relentless “40 Minutes of Hell” of pressure for causes important to working-class Americans of all backgrounds, were frustrated that President Trump was reading articles from Breitbart News.

A NY-T’s cover story acknowledged that there is “no real precursor for Breitbart” of an outlet that has so quickly emerged to “dominate the political conversation in a pivotal election” like Breitbart News did during the Y 2016 election cycle.

Mr. Swan said the Oval Office before General Kelly’s arrival was like “Grand Central Station,” with “people coming in and out” and slipping Trump news stories from “sources like Breitbart” that would harm their enemies. He noted that if someone wanted to get President Trump “angry or kill an appointment,” they would just “surreptitiously put the paper across his desk.”

“It was truly amazing,” he said.

General Kelly’s new rule has apparently “been a source of reassurance” to establishment Republicans and Democrats who believe that General Kelly’s new system “is designed to ensure that the President will not see any external policy documents, internal policy memos, agency reports and even news articles that haven’t been vetted.”

General Kelly’s globalist deputy, Kristjen Nielson, “is also expected to assume an integral role” in the process, according to the report.

Breitbart News pointed out that Ms. Nielson, “like nearly everyone else in Trump’s West Wing, does not understand Trump’s voters or his movement” and may think Trump’s campaign promises are “crazy” like many of the West Wing Democrats and globalists apparently do.

In the past President Trump reportedly greatly benefited by reading Breitbart News to understand the pulse of working-class voters from across the political spectrum on key issues like immigration and trade.

That enabled him to ultimately run circles around his primary challengers, whose advisers have always been unfamiliar with what concerns working-class voters.

But, it now appears that General Kelly wants to lock President Trump in a place that prevents him from understanding the issues important to his historic “movement.”

The West Wing Democrats apparently want President Trump to cater to the 3.8%, which consists mainly of elites whose approval and affirmation they seek above all else.

As Joshua Green pointed out in his book Devil’s Bargain and Breitbart News highlighted, “an analysis of ‘Trump’s campaign Tweets showed that Breitbart was far and away his primary source of news’”:

Years before Trump took on all of the same forces that tried to ram through the Gang of Eight’s amnesty legislation, Trump, according to Green, “was reading Breitbart articles flagged by Bannon and then printed out on paper (Trump’s preferred medium for reading) and delivered to him in manila folders by his staff.”

Author Green notes that “by the time Trump entered the presidential race in June 2015,” Breitbart News’ reporting on illegal immigration’s impact on American workers, corporations gaming the guest-worker visa system to displace American workers with foreigners who are not more qualified, the existential threat of radical Islam, and the “excesses of political correctness” had done “much to shape Trump’s populist inclinations and inform his political vocabulary.” Mr. Green writes that the site’s “unapologetic and take-no-prisoners style of reporting” appeals to President Trump.

My take away from the resignations of both Key advisors Steven Bannon and Sebastian Gorka this month is that after they spent 7 months close to President Trump in the Oval Office, and that they now know who each and every 1 of Swamp denizens swimming around in the White House and Congress.

And that they have seen the ‘dark’ files on them and now that they are outside of the restrictions can use them freely to dampen and hopefully halt the work of the Deep State against the President and his movement to Make America Great Again. 

No 1 in Mr. Bannon’s cross hairs is US Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). I expect a Key sortie will take aim at the Senator acclimated millions of dollars in wealth garnered from his elected position that pays under $200,000 annually. The skinny is that Senator McConnell is already feeling the heat, and his colleagues are in a degree of stress mode already.

Any one that thinks of believes that President Trump is not play Go (with the advise of Masters) Vs the Chess and Checker players have their heads in the sand.

In the ancient war game of Go, the rule is know your enemy and take no prisoners.

In every pattern a Key reversal is painful to many, and the many in this case have piled up during the past 70 years.

Have a terrific weekend.


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