The West, Ignorant of Islam, is Ill-prepared to Oppose the Islamic Campaign

The West, Ignorant of Islam, is Ill-prepared to Oppose the Islamic Campaign

The West, Ignorant of Islam, is Ill-prepared to Oppose the Islamic Campaign

Words like peace, terrorism, and extremism have very different meanings in the West than they do in the Middle East.

Aesop’s story the Tortoise and the Hare is the story of gradualism and is a cautionary tale for Western societies interested in preserving their democracies and freedoms.

The moral of the story is the essence of gradualism – Slow and steady wins the race.

European societies lead by left-wing liberal globalist leaders (the hare) are bragging about their tolerance, virtue, humanity, as they continue the mass importation of Muslim immigrants with cultural norms hostile to their own. The Europeans (the forest animals) are excited about the race and support their leaders by welcoming the hostile immigrants to their forest. The Europeans believe in the superior abilities of their leaders and laugh with derision at the idea that the immigrants (tortoise) could possibly pose a threat.

Western societies are driven by speed – they believe that faster is better.

Faster cars, faster computers, faster airplanes; speed equates with success in the West.

Islam is not driven by speed. Islam is driven by ideology and plays the strategic long game of gradualism.

Since the 7th Century Islam has been a socio-political expansionist ideology with a religious wing. Islam has expanded and contracted over the last fourteen centuries depending upon its successes and failures but its mission has remained unchanged – world dominion and the imposition of religious sharia law worldwide.

The Ottoman Empire, carrying the Mantle of Islam, lost most of its European territories until it finally collapsed in Y 1922 and the former empire was transformed into the nation of Turkey.

In Y 1938 the discovery of Crude Oil in Saudi Arabia changed everything. Islam was back in business and on the march again.

Oil wealth exponentially increased Arab buying power and its ability to bring Islam to the West disguised as a “religion like any other.” Islam went on a buying spree. Islam began buying political influence through lobbyists paid to ignore the blatantly anti-Western tenets of Islam embraced by the Muslim Brotherhood and every one of its hundreds of offshoots. Islam began buying academic influence through enormous donations and the purchase of endowed chairs and endowed professorships that allowed Islamists to influence curriculum and hiring practices.

Islam began buying properties and building mosques and Islamic centers to advance itself.

Islam began buying media outlets, television stations, movie studios, and then finally the Internet gave Islam the final vehicle it needed to spread its message worldwide to a generation of Western young people easily manipulated by the disinformation they were receiving.

Islam plays by the rules of gradualism and taqiyya, lying in the service of Islam.

Islam is a supremacist ideology and considers “peace” to mean when all the world is Muslim. Islam also teaches that conquering non-Muslims (infidels) is an act of altruism because the infidels will then be brought into the superior light of Islam.

Taqiyya has its own anti-infidel language and anti-infidel norms that the Middle East understands.

The West, dangerously ignorant of Islam, has been ill-prepared to oppose the Islamic campaign that seeks to conquer the West through gradualism and taqiyya and replace Western secular constitutional governance with religious sharia law.

Raymond Ibrahim of the Middle East Forum explains the language of Islam and the dilemma it poses for the West:

“Whereas it may be more appropriate to talk of ‘war and peace‘ as natural corollaries in a Western context, when discussing Islam, it is more accurate to talk of ‘war and deceit.‘ For, from an Islamic point of view, times of peace—that is, whenever Islam is significantly weaker than its infidel rivals—are times of feigned peace and pretense, in a word, taqiyya.

“Islamic law unambiguously splits the world into two perpetually warring halves—the Islamic world versus the non-Islamic—and holds it to be God’s will for the former to subsume the latter. Yet if war with the infidel is a perpetual affair, if war is deceit, and if deeds are justified by intentions—any number of Muslims will naturally conclude that they have a divinely sanctioned right to deceive, so long as they believe their deception serves to aid Islam ‘until all chaos ceases, and all religion belongs to God.’ Such deception will further be seen as a means to an altruistic end.”
Central to understanding taqiyya and the principles of deceit is Muhammad’s famous utterance “War is deceit.”

According to Islam the world is still at war so deception is fully endorsed and has extreme implications for our President Donald Trump.

If President Trump intends to make America First, decisions in the Middle East he needs a translator because the Arab leaders speak “Islamic”

English and not the same English that President Trump is speaking.

Words like peace, terrorism, and extremism have very different meanings in the West than they do in the Middle East.

Former FBI counter-terrorism special agent John Guandolo gives a brilliant explanation of the challenges President Trump is facing in his report below: “In his speech, which preceded President Trump’s comments, Saudi King Salman made many references to “terrorism” and “extremism” and the need to eradicate it from the planet.

Specifically, he said the world must “stand united to fight the forces of evil and extremism whatever their sources are in response to the dictates of our Islamic religion…Terrorism is a result of extremism.”

When Muslim leaders use words, those words must be understood as they are defined in Islam, not as they are understood in the West.

‘Terrorism’ is defined in Islam as ‘killing a Muslim without right.’ Under sharia Muslims may be killed if they apostasize from Islam, kill another Muslim without right, or if they violate any other law under sharia for which there is a capital crime. Otherwise, to kill a Muslim is to be a ‘terrorist.’

‘Extremism’ in Islam is to exceed ones ability – to move the Islamic Movement ahead too quickly, thus putting the Muslim ummah (global Muslim community) in danger because this risks losing Muslims who do not understand their duties under sharia and exposing Islam’s true intentions to the non-Muslim community thus bringing violence upon Muslims – Terrorism.

Saudi King Salman spoke at the Summit yet he sent t2 messages: one for the Muslims and one for the non-Muslims. Americans and the rest of the non-Muslim world heard the King say he is going to eradicate ‘terrorists’ from the planet and thought he was talking about ISIS and Al Qaeda.

The Muslim world heard that the United States was providing hundreds of millions of dollars and weapons to support the Islamic world’s effort to destroy anything on the planet that stands in the way of the complete implementation of sharia, a command from Allah in the command and reflected in the words and actions of Islam’s prophet Mohammad.

Therefore, since President Trump has already killed Muslims without right under sharia by ordering the US military to launch strikes against Syria and elsewhere, Islam views him as a ‘Terrorist,’ and the Saudi King is speaking about the US President and the United States when he says ‘Terrorism’ must be eradicated.

The Saudi King was not referring to Muslims who bomb an arena in Manchester, England or kill Americans in an Orlando, Florida bar or Muslims who fight on battlefields in Iraq or Afghanistan when he uses the word ‘terrorist.’

Understanding this necessarily completely changes America’s perspective of what took place in Saudi Arabia last weekend.

The President of the United States is being given counsel and advice from US officials who appear to lack any understanding of any of this, which will lead to America’s to defeat. Exactly the Islamic world’s objective.”

Understanding Islam’s gradualism and taqiyya’s stealth jihad as it is practiced against the West exposes the mass immigration of Muslims into Europe as the Islamic war tactic called population jihad.

Former radical Muslim Isis Abla identifies 8 distinct jihads being waged against the unsuspecting West, they are, as follows:

  1. Population jihad
  2. Media jihad
  3. Education jihad
  4. Economic jihad
  5. Physical jihad
  6. Legal jihad
  7. Humanitarian jihad, and
  8. Political jihad.

While the West brags like the hare about its speed, tolerance, and moral superiority, the slow-moving tortoise speaking Islam’s deceptive language of taqiyya is confident his gradualism and creeping stealth jihad will win the race. The Tortoise and the Hare is a cautionary tale.

By Linda Goudsmit

Paul Ebeling, Editor

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