This Week Puts President Trump in America’s History Books

This Week Puts President Trump in America’s History Books

This Week Puts President Trump in America’s History Books

This  week will be recorded in the history books as the defining snapshot of President Donald Trump’s 1st year in office, Newt Gingrich wrote in his column.

The week started with the president’s national security strategy and ended with perhaps the greatest tax reform legislation ever.

Former Speaker Gingrich writes.

“These are two very big achievements, and without the right leadership, focus, and determination both could have easily failed

“Analysts, historians and scholars will look back on this week as the moment the Trump administration became truly historic.

Both of this week’s historic achievements reflected candidate Trump’s campaign pledges”

Mr. Gingrich applauds President Trump’s national security plan as an “extraordinary break with the globalist elite model of George HW Bush’s ‘New World Order'” that came about post Ronald Reagan and espoused by Bill Clinton, 43 and Barack Hussein Obama has now been shredded

“The explicit linking of economic and technological goals as the long-term foundation for effective national security is a decisive break from the post-World War II pattern of giving away economic advantages in hopes of achieving diplomatic goals,” Mr. Gingrich wrote.

Meanwhile, the tax reform legislation passed by Congress capped off a stupendous week that fulfills the president’s promise of MAGA.

“It is symbolically appropriate that the tax cuts designed to once again make America productive and prosperous passed the same week that the new National Security Strategy report was released,” Mr. Gingrich wrote.

“The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is designed to make America greater by making America more competitive.”

America First!

Have a Happy Christmas.

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