‘We Need Less Redaction, More Transparency’

‘We Need Less Redaction, More Transparency’

 ‘We Need Less Redaction, More Transparency’

Referring to the redactions of the released FISA warrants Professor Alan Dershowitz denounced the “flawed” special counsel process that has rendered “more questions than answers.”

“The process is a very flawed one, and the more the American people know about it, the more distressed they are at how special counsels operate, particularly in the context of political elections,” Prof. Dershowitz said Sunday morning on TV. “We need to know more not less. We need less redaction, more transparency, and we have the right to judge for ourselves whether or system of justice is operating fairly, within the Constitution, and consistent with civil liberties.

“Right now there are more questions than answers.”

The US DOJ released a heavily redacted 400+ pg document Friday, detailing the justifications to seek a warrant to wiretap Carter Page, a US citizen loosely attached to the Trump campaign.

“Well, I’m used to seeing redacted information,” Prof.Dershowitz said. “I would say 90% of redactions are generally designed to cover people’s incompetence and they are not national security concerns.

“And I think you should have an objective neutral person go through the redactions and always error in favor of publicly releasing transparencies rather than secrecy.”

He added a rebuke of the process having put fingers “on the scale of our election” and investigations into The Trump Campaign connections Russian meddling.

“We want to see fair elections,” Prof. Dershowitz said. “We do not want to see the thumb of any FBI agents, Justice Department officials, Russia, Comey – we do not want to see that thumb or even a pinkie on the scale of our election.”

The DOJ has botched the process and given defense lawyers “a gold mine to work with,” he said.

“The Robert Mueller probe is going to be a report, but there are also indictments and some contested cases, and in the contested cases lawyers have a gold mine to work with, defense lawyers challenging this FISA application, challenging Strzok’s objectivity,” he said. “All of this will become a basis for legal proceedings and legal challenges.”


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