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We Know Better Now…Did We Really Need This?

Theory and reality are not always the same, the coronavirus should have been treated like the flu, not the Black Death!”

The medical establishment told us that this respiratory illness is not the flu, is not like the flu, and anyone who says that it is is ignorant, malevolent, or both.

But with every passing day, it becomes more and more clear that COVID-19 coronavirus is, in many respects, very much like the flu. It is less contagious, more lethal for the elderly and fragile, less lethal for anyone under 50 anni.

All told, the number of deaths attributable to this illness is about the same as the number of deaths attributed to a bad flu season.

And remember that many of the deaths that have been attributed to COVID-19 involve people who did not so much die from the disease as die with it, Medicaid paid because of it, and treatments for heart attacks and cancer dubbed elective.

Throughout history, societies have quarantined people with communicable diseases to protect the general population.

But in this medical chaos, the response has been to quarantine the general population in order to “slow the spread” of the virus.

Now, as more and more data reveals that the virus was among us much earlier than we thought and that many more people have been exposed than we thought, the rationale for shutting down the economy appears very much less compelling.

For 1 thing, isolating most of the population impedes the development of herd immunity.

For another, by encouraging people to isolate themselves from the world at large, it threatens to erode the potency of our natural immune systems, which require regular challenges to remain robust.

Again, the most important lesson learned is that “Theory and reality are not always the same.”

The ubiquitous Dr. Anthony “Doom” Fauci is an Deep State epidemiologist who has not seen a patient in 20 yrs. He is married to models that constantly change. And his predictions have been very wrong and very alarmist all the long.

President Trump has had enough of him and so has stopped the daily virus briefings.

In response to this man’s predictions, American enacted extraordinary emergency measures that have severely curtailed personal liberty, while expanding the apparatus of social control at every level. As a result big government got bigger and more intrusive.

It is said, “If you are going to dance on someone’s constitutional rights, you’d better have a good reason.

The new coronavirus is not/was not an human life emergency but an unpleasant, unwanted fact of life. We should have treated it like the flu not the Black Death.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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