“We Do Not Have Any Illusions on NKorea”

“We Do Not Have Any Illusions on NKorea”

FLASH: Reports from commercial satellite images reveal that NKorea is rebuilding nuclear weapons testing site.

President Trump’s NSA John Bolton knows the score, knows the mistakes of prior administrations with NKorea, is working to make real progress, and finally, the leverage is on our side right now.

“The President has been very clear he is not going to make the mistakes of prior administrations, and one of the mistakes of prior administrations was assuming the NKoreans would automatically comply when they undertake obligations,” Mr. Bolton said Sunday on TV. “The NKoreans have pledged to give up their nuclear weapons program at least 5 separate times, beginning in Y 1992 with the joint North-South Denuclearization Agreement. They never seem to get around to it, though, so that is one reason why we pay particular attention to what NKorea is doing all the time.

“We see exactly what they’re doing now. We see it unblinkingly, and we do not have any illusions about what their capabilities are.”

“President Trump wants to make the right deal, and he described it to Kim Jong Un at the Hanoi meeting.”

Mr. Bolton concluded President Trump has worked to gain leverage on the long failed hope of NKorean denuclearization.

“The historical lesson is time is inevitably on the side of the proliferator in the long run,” he said. “Right now I think it is the President’s judgment, and I think it is correct, that the economic leverage that we have because of the sanctions puts the pressure on NKorea.

“Now it is 1 reason why all of the pundits and all of the experts predicting a deal in Hanoi were wrong, because the leverage is on our side right now, not on NKorea’s.”

It is now truly, “All or nothing at all”

America First!

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