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We Can Train Our Brain to do Just About Anything, So Do Not Forget to Exercise, Take the Test!


 You cannot exercise away a poor diet, you must eat Real food too!

This is important, check it out!

Results from a new study, shared in the video above demonstrates the importance of exercise and movement to your health.

Exercise may be one of the best preventive strategies against common chronic ailments, including heart disease and diabetes.

The more time you spend sitting, the shorter your life expectancy, thanks to the negative impact on your cardiovascular and metabolic functions. The World Health Organization (WHO) lists inactivity as the cause of 3.2-M deaths each year.2

In 1 meta-analysis, researchers found those who sat the longest were twice as likely to have diabetes or heart disease, as compared to those who sat the least. This combination takes a high cost on society, contributing to billions of dollars each year in health care costs and lost productivity.

According to researchers, lack of activity is also the cause of more than 5-M deaths each year.

To put this in perspective, smoking kills nearly 7-M annually.

To achieve optimal health, you need to include a weekly workout regimen and move as much as possible throughout each day. In 3 recent studies, researchers evaluated the effect of exercise on longevity.

A study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology sought to estimate a patient’s age based on performance during an exercise stress test. Over a 125,000 patients referred for exercise stress testing were included.

Estimated age was based on exercise capacity. After nearly nine years of follow-up, researchers discovered the patient’s estimated age based on their exercise stress test was a better predictor of mortality as compared to chronological age. The results held true for both men and women.

Researchers believe the Key messages were that exercise variables are powerful predictors of survival, and health care providers could consider using their physiological age as a way to motivate their patients to exercise more.

A similar study1 evaluated 8,000 middle-aged and older adults and found adding physical activity of any intensity or duration cut their risk of early death.

The researchers believe the findings highlight the importance of movement, regardless of intensity. Participants wore activity monitors over a 4-day period to record the intensity of physical activity.

Death rate was tabulated through Y 2017 and this data was used to estimate how substituting exercise for time spent sitting would affect the risk of early death.

The researchers discovered the risk could be cut by 17% by replacing 30 mins of sitting with low intensity exercise, such as walking.

But, replacing 30 mins with moderate to vigorous exercise cut the risk by 35%.

In the 3rd study, Ball State researchers examined fitness levels, finding ramping up exercise intensity increases the level of benefits.

Rather than a goal of simply moving, researchers recommend increasing the intensity to boost cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) levels. This is the first study to directly measure CRF in men and women, rather than using estimation.

According to the press release:1

  • Improving fitness increases control over how long and well we live.
  • Women with low fitness levels had a higher risk of dying from any cause, cardiovascular diseases (CVD), including cardiac arrest, coronary artery disease, heart failure, myocardial infarction, stroke and cancer than women with moderate and high fitness.
  • Participants in the low-fit group were more likely to die early from any cause, including CVD and cancer.
  • Low-fitness men had a 3X greater risk for CVD mortality compared with high-fitness men.


  1. Although important to your overall health, you cannot out-exercise your diet
  2. Despite an intense workout routine, poor nutrition contributes to insulin resistance, weight gain and increasing risk of chronic disease
  3. Strongly consider including your children in your fitness routines as rates of obesity in children are rising rapidly.
  4. Remember to listen to your body, exercise consistently and include proper sleep, hydration and nutrition to enjoy the greatest benefits.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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