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“We are Almost ‘Out of the Woods'”


Last Friday’s NFPs jobs report gave our economy some good news for the 1st time since the C-19 coronavirus chaos shutdowns began, making the American dreams of a “V-shaped” recovery begin to come true, according to a Trump Administration economic adviser.

It was a very, very strong report, and let’s just hope this can continue,” Steven Moore said in an interview Sunday “If we get a few more months of this, we are going to be out of the woods.”

The announcement of a decline in the unemployment rate and the addition of 2.5-M jobs was a welcome sight, even President Trump did not anticipate so soon, Mr. Moore said

The funny thing is that Trump said he thought we would have a V-shaped recovery starting in July,” Moore said. “It looks like the V-shaped recovery started in May.”

The George Floyd triggerd dmestic terroist riots will not tarnish positive economic news.

I think the damage has been locational,” Mr. Moore concluded. “It has been very bad for some of these big cities.

But, I think that the rest of the country will be mostly unaffected by those riots, and we are going to see continued good news on the economy.”

Have a healthy week, Keep the Faith!

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