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Water is the Source of Life, We All Need It

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Water is the source of life. We can endure days without food, but try going more than a few days without water will result in 1 paying the ultimate price, death.

Every business and aspect of government also requires water in some form.

Investors have caught on and have driven most companies with water exposure much higher.

There is a Key problem for investors looking to capitalize on the future of water, and that is all the water utilities have high valuations, and the stocks now look expensive compared with other sectors.

Enter Essential Utilities Inc. (NYSE:WTRG) broke out on 28 May at 42.97 and confirmed the move on 16 July at 43.88 when all Key technical indicators turned Very Bullish, causing us to rate it a Strong Buy with a target price at 60/share.

WTGR finished Monday, at 44.41, -0.30 against a 52 wk trading range of 30.40-54.52. The company pays a dividend of 2.10%.

Essential Utilities, Inc., through its subsidiaries, operates regulated utilities that provide water or wastewater services in the United States.

It offers water services through operating and maintenance contracts with municipal authorities and other parties.

The company also provides non-utility raw water supply services for firms in the Nat Gas drilling industry; and water and sewer line protection solutions, and repair services to households through a 3rd-party.

It serves approximately 3-M residential water, commercial water, fire protection, industrial water, wastewater, and other water and utility customers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Illinois, North Carolina, New Jersey, Indiana, and Virginia.

The company was formerly known as Aqua America, Inc. and changed its name to Essential Utilities, Inc. in February 2020.

Essential Utilities, Inc. was founded in Y 1886 and is HQ’d in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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