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Waste To Clean-Renewable Energy

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Ever since the inception of the Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, the world of digital trading has never been the same. This phenomenon has birthed several other groundbreaking innovations and opportunities to make life easier and more efficient.

One such innovation is Vectorium and it has officially reached its soft cap. Vectorium is a “double coins project” created with the aim of providing a digital way to stock and share electricity manufactured from renewable sources.

Vectorium’s Goal

Over the years, waste management has been a huge issue almost every industry tackle to deal with. As a matter of fact, many factors continue to suffer from it globally. Vectorium aims to provide a cutting-edge solution by offering an opportunity to transform garbage into a value via their blockchain.

The model also utilizes blockchain technology to monitor waste-to-energy plants. While this is taking place, a transaction is made in the vectorium blockchain as a record of the passage of electricity. This transaction is only possible through the issue of a Coin, as an Internal Technological Instrument. The coins then end up in the wallet of the incinerator in storage. They can also be converted back into energy or sold for Recovery Expenses.

It has been reported that the heat given off by the mining equipment can be used to increase the temperature of greenhouses for growing biological products, especially in the cold seasons. Hence, the Blockchain technology is used to trace the “life” of the waste until it becomes a “value”.

Technical Specifications Of Vectorium

The following are the technical specifications of Vectorium:

Vectorium Flash

  • Extremely fast. Sending an almost instant confirmation.
  • Over 444,000 coins in
  • Distributed in mining
  • Anti ASIC
  • Slow release (2800 maximum minable coins per day).

Vectorium Plus

  • Fast (not at flash levels)
  • Optimized security x13 algorithm
  • Fixed annual interest of 20% (based on the contribution you give to the network acting as a node)
  • The initial release of 500m coin
  • It becomes equity after 4 years (security coin)

Introducing The Vectorium Team

Of course, talking about the major strides being made by Vectorium and not mentioning their team is impossible. The Vectorium team is filled with personnel with a history in technology, software management, and blockchain technologies & methodologies. The brains behind this innovative idea, is, however, Enea Benedetto. The CEO & Founder, who possesses a long history in finances and technology.

Vectorium’s Soft Cap Victory

With such great benefits attached to the Vectorium blockchain, it is no surprise that more investors are willing to chip in. Vectorium finally announced that they have reached their soft cap of $1,502,500 on the 31st of July, 2019. Vectorium celebrates this victory by leaving a message on their website for all to see.

The statement reads;

“We are truly grateful to all investors that are trusting us and believe we can change the future, solving the waste’s global issue.”

However, while this is a step in the right direction, the company still looks forward to reaching its hardcap of 200mln, and, with the progress they have made so far, this just seems to be a possibility really soon.

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