Washington’s Non-Elite Elite Were Hammered Tuesday

Washington’s Non-Elite Elite Were Hammered Tuesday

Washington’s Non-Elite Elite Were Hammered Tuesday


Biased and incompetent elite Americans polluted the Y 2016 election in the US, and they have gotten what they deserved.

There were a lot of losers Tuesday, including the Barack Hussein Obama’s, Hill and Billy Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, thier staff for senior to junior, the smug, fake pollsters and know-it-all, talking heads and  pundits who embarrassed themselves and all who bought into the SuperDemCon.

From the troves of hacked e-Mail those of us who really care got a look of the bankrupt values of Washington journalists, lawyers, politicians, lobbyists, and wealthy donors.

Despite their Ivy League degrees and 1%’r résumés, dozens of the highly paid “Mandarins” who run our country and shape our news appear petty and spiteful, and clueless about the America that exists beyond the Beltway.

Left wing journalists regularlly violated their own code of ethics during the campaign.

Hillary Clinton’s “girlfriend” Donna Brazile while at CNN leaked debate topics to the Clinton Team.

WP columnist Dana Milbank reportedly asked the DNC to provide him with anti-Donald Trump research.

The elite characters who inhabited the Clinton Campaign e-Mail trove causes one to wonder about their purpose, their Wall Street tenures, even their postions in the Clinton campaign.

The Obama Admin’s Justice Department (DOJ) is a big loser, the very concept of justice as administered by the present administration is shameful, plus the IRS, VA and NSA point ot Barack Hussein Obama as the most corrupt President in history.

The DOJ pressured the FBI to limit its investigation of pay-for-play corruption at the Clinton Foundation and the State Department.

On US Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Ms. Lynch met with Bill Clinton in a secret encounter on an airport tarmac while Hillary Clinton was under investigation. Immunity was granted to several of Hillary Clinton’s aides without the FBI obtaining any significant cooperation in return. Hillary Clinton’s techies invoked the Fifth Amendment in refusing to testify before the US Congress.

John Podesta was in direct contact with Peter Kadzik, a high-ranking Justice Department official who was tipping off Hillary Clinton’s campaign about an impending hearing and a legal filing regarding Mrs. Clinton’s e-Mails. Until he was reassigned, Mr. Kadzik was in charge of the Justice Department’s probe of the Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner e-Mail trove.

A Special Prosecutor should have been appointed.

Democrats and Republicans alike do not like Special Prosecutors. Democrats felt that Ken Starr went beyond his mandates in pursuing Bill Clinton’s excesses. Republicans charged that Lawrence Walsh’s investigation of the Iran-Contra affair turned into a witch hunt.

Now there is a real need for special prosecutors in this instance.

The Obama Justice Department certainly cannot investigate Obama’s former Secretary of Sate. She must be investigated.

The practice of extended voting must end.

The trend to open state polls early and over several days is a bad idea. Campaigns (1980, 1992, and 2000) are often not over until the last week. When millions of people vote days or weeks before Election Day, what the candidates say or do in the critical final days becomes irrelevant. When a candidate urges citizens, “Vote early,” it is synonymous with, “Vote quickly, before more dirt surfaces about my ongoing scandals.”

US President Barack Hussein Obama is perhaps the biggest loser in this election. He came out of seclusion to campaign on behalf of Hillary Clinton in a way never before seen by a sitting President, it was in itself a scandal.

By Election Day, a happless, frightened Barack Hussein Obama resorted to making fun of Donald Trump’s baseball hats, he even took the “low road” of claiming that Donald Trump would tolerate the Ku Klux Klan, when in fact the Dems are the KKK.

Mr. Obama publickly condoned voting by illegal immigrants when he said that Immigration and Customs Enforcement would not be investigating voter rolls.

This Trump victory, along with a Republican majority in both houses of Congress and throughout the stats, is a repudiation of the Obama Administration’s legacy and its effort to navigate  the law.

The high-tech industry and Silicon Valley lost too

The new high-tech class prides itself on its laid-back attitude rather than its super-wealth, casual clothes, hip tastes, and cool informality.

We learned from WikiLeaks that the 21st-Century high-tech aristocracy is more conniving and more status-conscious, and far more powerful than were Gilded Age capitalists such as John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie.

Billionaire CEO Eric Schmidt of Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) advised the Clinton Campaign to hire “low-paid” urban campaign operatives, apparently in hopes that his efforts would earn him some sort of informal Svengali advisory role in a hoped-for Clinton Administration.

A leaked e-Mail from tech executive Sheryl Sandberg revealed that Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) Mark Zuckerberg wanted to meet with people on the Clinton Team who could help him understand “political operations to advance public-policy goals.”

It became easy to say that a “crude” Donald Trump and a “crooked” Hillary Clinton polluted the Y 2016 campaign. The real culprits were the corrupt Washington elite, who were as biased as incompetent, and clueless about how disliked they are by the very America they held in such contempt.

The fact is the no polititians are part of the elite, the elite are the bankers, and the pols are thier opperatives. We now know who the winner is.

By Victor D. Hanson

Paul Ebeling, Editor

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