Washington DC is a Fortress for Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Washington DC is a Fortress for Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Washington DC is a Fortress for Donald Trump’s Inauguration

The US Secret Service will deploy anti-drone defenses at President Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, due to concern of a “flying IED”.

NBC report: “Drone Danger At Inauguration? Dealing with a new high-flying security threat,” quoting an official at drone countermeasure firm DroneShield. The official said the inauguration “is not something I would feel safe at.”

DroneShield’s chief scientist Josh Franklin said that his company has developed a method of detecting and hijacking drones using microphones to detect rotor blades.

“A lot of sounds you think of are a lot lower frequency than these drones,” Mr. Franklin said. “What goes into telling them apart is both the frequencies they’re emitting noise at and also how that’s changing over time.”

After a drone is detected, an agent can fire a DroneShielf gun at the drone, sending radio waves that interrupt the signal between the drone and its pilot, and then safely force the drone to land.

A drone, “when strapped with a bomb, a worse case scenario especially with hundreds of thousands of people gathered at one spot like the Inauguration,” said the report.

The cost of security measures for the inauguration and surrounding events is expected to exceed $100-M. Over 2.7 sqms in Washington, DC will be closed to traffic.

Stay tuned…

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