Want to be Successful? Get Involved!

Want to be Successful? Get Involved!

Want to be Successful? Get Involved!

“Decide where the path may be headed, prepare, then breathe and respond each step along the Path.” –Paul Ebeling

Expand your vision of yourself, when you do you will realize you have to make adjustments. You have stop wasting money to save more, and invest in the future.

The more successful you become:

  • The less you can justify low quality and the higher your standards become for yourself
  • The more you value your time , and how that time is spent. Begin living in the results-economy, where you are less worried about how long something takes, and you are more concerned about achieving the your desired results more effectively and efficiently.
  • No longer work by a time clock.
  • Work and get paid for what you results you produce.
  • Because you get paid for results, you create environments that force you to get your desired results faster.
  • Apply the 80/20 Rule meaning only focus on those things that produce the best outcomes, and you ignore all else.
  • Get the best mentoring.
  • You work when your energy levels and brain-power are peaked, which for most people is during the 1st 3 hours of their day.
  • Figure out how to get 2X the results you currently getting in 50% of the time.
  • Re-invest time saved into rest and recovery.
  • Invest in self-improvement. Get to the place where 20% of the time is spent working, and the other 80% is spent either learning or resting, get rested, be fresh, and powerful.
  • Always, upgrade mindset, mentoring, skills, abilities, and income.

Life and identity are a products of choices. Personality does not shape the person, behavior does.

The most powerful choices one can make is to get into environments that force a rise to new standards.

That means get surrounded by people who have higher standards than you, as you are not a fixed and unchangeable entity.

Learn and know that you are highly flexible and fluid, and input shapes mindset and worldview, which shapes output.

That output creates opportunity.

Continually work to improve the world around you, and consistently make better choices, things then change; environment, confidence and abilities refine for the better.

Start to collaborate with brilliant people, thus going deeper and deeper into the “Why” of living.

If your daily behaviors are consistently low quality, what do you expect your life’s output to be?

Every area of life affects every other area of life.

Know that “How you do anything is how you do everything”.

This is high level thinking, and it makes sense only for people who have removed everything from their lives they do not value.

To live this way, daily and normal life can only be filled with those things we highly value.

The new normal must continually exceed your previous ideals and dreams.

When days are filled with only the core essentials that mean the world to you , and you are succeeding in those few areas , you will dominate in all areas of your life.

Because the only things in life are the things you highly value, thus intrinsically motivated by what you are doing.

The Big Q: Why, are the stakes so high in this successful space?

The Big A: Because everything in life matters.

Ones behavior is Key in every area of life.

Created an environment of power and responsibility and rise to that expectation every day. Rise to the expectations because your behavior is increasingly consistent with the person you want and intend to be.

And, because your behavior is continually improving, your confidence continually improves. As confidence improves, expectation to continue to succeed improves. As expectation to succeed improves, the ability to manifest dreams and desires becomes more powerful.

Then you come to understand that you should expect everything and attach to nothing.

Regardless of the outcome, your security is internal, it is you, as expecting the best, you will get the best.

If things start to come out of alignment let it go. Do not over-attach to any outcomes, whether success or failure.

Be fluid, adapt, build your network.

Seek information through action, take that data and drive it into something new and better. Continually provide more value, be open, always seeking sans ego.

In always learning one become more effective at producing the desired results and make things happen.

Learning is a making a permanent change in how we see and operate in the world. If not consistently produce better results, we are not learning.

The difference between Knowledge and Wisdom is that Wisdom is the proper application of Knowledge.

Knowledge on its own is not power , it is potential power. Knowledge becomes powerful when it’s properly applied and becomes Wisdom, Experience and Understanding.

Now, we all live in the information era, so be careful and not let it distract you.

Tune out the Noise

Spending your time consuming information will not set you apart in the Information Age.

Filtering through the Noise and finding the right information, then properly and immediately apply that information to produce better results is how you set yourself apart in today information economy.

Applying information the form of collaborations with different types of people  is a Key element for success

As you come closer to living in the now with your values and ideals, amazing things happen.

You will feel happier, be in the present with those you love, spend your time better, pursue bigger dreams and ambitions, become more resilient in challenges, and everything around you will reflect the new you.

“Emotion aside, assess and calculate the risks 1st, then proceed along the Path to the goal.”– Paul Ebeling

Notably, most people will not become successful, they will not evolve and progress.

But you will, you know it, and you feel it, and everyday, you taking a step further along that path, becoming all that you know you can be, nothing will stop you.

Get involved, Be successful…

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