Want Brain Power? Take a Nap!

Want Brain Power? Take a Nap!

Want Brain Power? Take a Nap!

The most important thing is taking that time off ,  as it is more conducive to our productivity.

Often people think they can fight through and push harder and harder and harder to get better results, but sleep can really give us that result.

When we transition in and out of sleep, our brain produces theta waves, which help us think more divergently.

That is why when we wake up from a power nap or from sleeping, we will be able to solve that intractable problem that we could not do earlier in the day.

And that is a Key reasons I think taking a break, whether it’s meditation or nap during that circadian dip can be very conducive to productivity.

So during that 3:30p  lull lay your head down for a relaxing 20 mins.

It works for me.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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Paul Ebeling

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