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Walking is 1 of the Easiest Workouts, Step it Up!


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Walking is one of the easiest workouts around. It seems so basic and simple, yet with a few variations you can make walking more intense.

Now with so many Americans working from home, walking provides a great way to get your exercise without fancy equipment.

While walking is pretty much 2nd nature, experts say that certain rules can help step up the weight loss and cardiovascular benefits of this popular form of exercise.

There are some subtle tweaks you can do to make walking more effective, here they are, as follows:

  1. Stand tall. Harvard Health advises us to leave that hunched-over posture behind and extend your spine tall and straight as if someone was pulling a string attached to the crown of your head.
  2. Keep your eyes level. Looking down at the ground stresses your neck and back. Gaze at a spot 20 ft ahead to avoid stumbling over obstacles.
  3. Bring your shoulders back and down. Do not shrug them into the ears or round them forward. This helps reduce tension in the upper back and neck. And swing your arms to burn more calories and release upper body tension.
  4. Pick up the pace. Walking briskly burns excess calories to help you lose weight.
  5. Walk uphill. If you really want to burn fat and calories as well as increase cardiovascular fitness, walk uphill regularly. If you are using a treadmill, increase the incline gradually. Walking up and down stairs is an excellent way to get fit, skip the elevator.
  6. Try taking shorter walks throughout the day. Experts say that shorter, more frequent walks have fat-burning benefits and may be easier to incorporate into our daily routine. According 1 study inactive people over the age of 60, walking for 15 mins, 3X daily controlled blood sugar levels better than waking once a day for 45 mins.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively,

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