VP Pence’s March for Life Speech, “Remarkable & Historic”

VP Pence’s March for Life Speech, “Remarkable & Historic”

VP Pence’s March for Life Speech, “Remarkable & Historic”

US Vice President Mike Pence’s address at Friday’s March for Life in Washington DC marks a “truly remarkable and historic” appearance to speak on the issue, we believe.

“Many Presidents and Vice Presidents have said they were pro-life,” Kellyanne Conway said in a TV interview Friday.”They were. But to have Vice President Mike Pence go out on that mall today in just a few short hours and address those who are coming around from the country and indeed the world to bond together to protect the culture of life is truly remarkable and historic. I think it’s a big day for the Vice President.”

Ms. Conway, who also spoke at the March for Life, said President Donald Trump has promised to push for pro-life Supreme Court nominees, and said that she is proud to join the march.

“This is a pro-life march and it’s high time as a nation; if we don’t protect the culture of life, really, who are we as a nation?” said Ms. Conway.

She said she is marching and speaking because she believes in the sanctity of life, and she thinks “if we can promote and protect life from conception to natural death it says an awful lot about our country.

“It’s no mistake that in our own Declaration of Independence, life was the very first right that is mentioned, and it was precious then,” said Conway. “It remains precious now. We have to stop this culture that just looks the other way. Partial birth abortions, sex selection abortions. I can basically go get a pregnancy test and then get a sex test and schedule my abortion. That’s not America’s foundation.”

Also during Friday’s interview, Ms. Conway called out the nation’s press to for its treatment of President Donald Trump.

“There is an awful lot of opining going on by individuals who call themselves reporters,” said Conway. “You are supposed to talk about the news, not use a snarky comment here and eye roll there and adjective that is insulting or negative toward the president. That’s really not the job. The job is to certainly probe and ask the tough questions. But it’s beyond that for this man.”

The treatment, though, “only matters a little bit” said Ms. Conway, as Donald Trump’s election “was a rejection of elites in the establishment.”

Some national newspapers, such as the NY-T’s, accused Donald Trump of lying, and Ms. Conway said they did not accuse former President Barack Hussein-Obama of telling lies, even when he did.

“You can keep your job or if you like can you keep your insurance plan. We have 57 states in the nation,” she said, quoting Mr Hussein-Obama. “There were plenty of occasions to call out former presidents on their falsehoods. And that was done very sparingly and not so strategically. I think it is dangerous to the democracy and for those around the world watching.”

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