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Virtually Tour the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Germany


Get ready to enjoy an exciting virtual ride in Stuttgart, Germany

Car enthusiasts are likely in need of a little engine-revving now. Now, you can now take a virtual tour of the MBZ iconic car museum in Stuttgart.

The museum’s website is currently functioning as a portal into all exhibits, which of course remain closed on-the-ground indefinitely due to the COVID19 coronavirus chaos.

From the beginning history of the automobile, a legacy dating back to Y 1886 into the future of the industry, viewers can explore the production and journey of these incredible luxury cars through the 7 “Legend” levels of the museum.

Get up close with 160 Mercedes-Benz cars through over 1,500 exhibits that explore historic races, the production, and more.

This is a super opportunity for everyone from advanced car collectors to children to learn all about 1 of the outstanding car brands in the world—and you can even visit the museum virtually at night, too.

All virtual tours are available on the Mercedes-Benz Museum website, and via the museum’s Instagram page.

Enjoy your virtual travels

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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