Victoria’s Secret Angels Diet and Workout

Victoria’s Secret Angels Diet and Workout

Victoria’s Secret is known for having only ideal body type models. So how does VS guarantee the women stay in shape all the time? Are the Angels fit or just skinny? What are the lengths the Angels go through to keep their jobs? In the video below, Sanne Vander explains what a few of the different models like to eat and what they each do to stay in shape.

As you just watched, the Angels are not starved, they are just perfectly healthy. Avoiding all processed food and eating only vegetables as a meal is considered crazy and torture to many overweight people, but for some, it’s not, and this is how the Angels have come to secure their jobs. Next up, the workout.

As shown above, Victoria’s Secret Angels do a mix of high-intensity interval training and strength training. Creating a body that not only looks great but feels amazing too.

Exactly the same as movie stars do for their roles in movies like the Avengers. The only difference is to build the muscle mass, actors must eat over their daily calorie intake (to increase proteins), and to stay lean, models eat at their daily calorie intake. A calorie is not just a calorie, each macro-nutrient will and does have a different effect on the body. “Stop eating less and start eating right.”

Gyms that offer the Victoria’s Secret Angels training type.

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