VenVici Singapore’s Crowdsourcing Specialist

VenVici Singapore’s Crowdsourcing Specialist

VenVici Singapore’s Crowdsourcing Specialist

VenVici is a crowdsourcing specialist company that uses a proprietary system called ‘Affiliate Incentivized Marketing’ (AIM) to promote products.

AIM combines the efficiency of ‘Affiliate Marketing’ with the effectiveness of ‘Incentive Marketing’ – this reinvented business model is unprecedented globally.

In Affiliate Marketing, the advertising dollar is paid out to affiliates based on each sale or performance made. In the same way, VenVici pass the marketing budget given by its partners to reward gameplay, app usage and product sales referred. Where Incentive Marketing uses prizes and rewards to promote or encourage specific actions or behavior, we incentivize our affiliates when they help drive trend and sales for our products.

Part of what AIM encompasses is the development of communities of affiliates we call Resellers. As Resellers of VenVici, they will be incentivized to recommend people to join the community, consume, purchase or even market our partnering vendors’ products.

AIM builds core affiliates through our Reseller exercise, inducting them through training and loyalty program tied to compensation and performance. These core groups will use their individual social network platforms to build their clientele base. Clients who are interested in the program can also in turn become affiliates in the program.

Resellers in the AIM affiliate program are further incentivized by a scheme which will allow them to be rewarded as a community. This will mean that Resellers are incentivized together with the growth of the community. With the high penetration potential of a community network which is held together by a common interest or goal, in addition with the motivation of being incentivized – AIM is a revolutionary marketing model that will be able to move products and services into markets expeditiously.

Mobile Games

VenVici is the exclusive marketing agent of GTOKEN Pte Ltd. GTOKEN publishes mobile games and in VenVici, we latch on our Resellers highly established social networks to facilitate a mobile game network marketing solution. We work with thousands of motivated business people, leveraging on the word-of-mouth promotion to help game developers increase their game visibility and downloads to increase their revenue.

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Beside games, VenVici also works with products companies to help them increase their sales. This is done through our e-commerce platform called V-MORE. At V-MORE, we incentivize our members for every sale they bring in by promoting the products. Their friends buy premium products with discounts through our arrangement with the companies, creating a naturally viral cycle.

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GTOKEN Exclusive Partner

GTOKEN is the world’s first gaming lifestyle platform, helping developers and publishers acquire users of the highest quality via crowdsourcing. GTOKEN has a unique network of over one million registered users worldwide, who in turn are guaranteed to boost retention and engagement of our partner’s products.

Philippines Senator and World Champion Boxer in eight different weight divisions, Manny Pacquiao, has acquired a meaningful stake in GTOKEN. “As a world champion in professional sports and a fighter all my life, I know what it takes to succeed on the global scale,” says Senator Manny Pacquiao. “I’m confident that GTOKEN has that special fighting spirit to be one of the strongest global players in the mobile gaming and advertising space and I’m proud to be part of the team.”

Most recently, Mr. Fabian Lim has joined us as a shareholder as well. A best-selling author and one of the rare few Singaporeans to own and pilot his own private jet, Mr Lim is a successful serial entrepreneur who focuses his practise on wealth strategies, with an emphasis on business building. Harbouring years of experience in digital strategies and immense knowledge for online marketing, where he made his millions, Mr Lim brings an innovative approach to brand clarity, agility and growth though his integrated insights. His largest and most successful project to date, is Southeast Asia’s first mobile platform for home, lifestyle & retail services that benefits the end users from all across the consumer world.

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