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Vegan Demand Increases Coffee Creamer Market


The rising demand for vegan coffee creamers is one of the key factors that will trigger the growth of the global coffee creamer market during the forecast period. Vegan food products are devoid of all animal products, including dairy ingredients such as lactose. Non-dairy creamer does not contain lactose. The rising demand for non-dairy creamer from the vegan population is fueling the growth of coffee creamer. Consumers are aware of the health benefits of organic products, which will significantly drive the demand for vegan coffee cream during the forecast period. The preference for natural and organic products such as organic coffee creamer is expected to support the growth of the global coffee cream market. Our analysts have predicted that the coffee creamer market will register a CAGR of over 5% by 2023.

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Ivy Heffernan, student of Economics at Buckingham University. Junior Analyst at HeffX and experienced marketing director.