Vast Majority of American Voters Favor ‘America First’

Vast Majority of American Voters Favor ‘America First’

FLASH: Harvard/Harris Poll: 3-in-4 Voters Favor ‘America First’ on Immigration, Trade, and Trump Foreign Policy

About 3-in-4 American voters favor a populist-nationalist “America First” legal immigration, trade, and foreign policy platform from candidates running for office that prioritizes protecting the way of life and economic security of United States citizens above all else.

The latest Harvard/Harris Poll finds near unanimous support for populist-nationalist candidates among Republicans, conservatives, and President Trump supporters, as well as a majority of support from all voters.

The findings are the latest evidence that the open borders, globalization, and endless wars ideology of former administrations such as President George W. Bush’s (43) has very little support with the American electorate.

Across party lines, voters tend to support candidates with with President Trump’s “America First” foreign policy rather than The Bushes, neoconservative worldview.

America First!

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